Cool Ways to Stop Allergies

In some cases, having symptoms that attest to allergic reactions aren’t too severe as having cold symptoms. However, some of the symptoms require that you see an allergist to get them stopped because they are too severe to be overlooked; else, they damage the cells and tissues in the body. There are cool ways you could employ to help you stop your allergies.

  1. Know Your Triggers
    The first step to overcoming a problem is knowing what the problem itself is. Do you know what triggers your allergies? You may see a doctor, an allergist, so as to pinpoint what triggers your allergies. This is the first and most important step to take to help fight your allergies. Don’t feel you know it all as it will be extremely damaging to your health.
  2. Drink more and Healthily
    Drinking more fluids like juice, nonalcoholic drinks or water, is a cool way to stop your allergies. Hot liquids such as tea and broth are a good option to stop your allergies too. One of the teas that have proven to be very effective is green Researchers have found that ECGC, an abundant antioxidant present in green tea helps the body from increasing an immune response to a variety of allergens.


  1. Go for over-the-counter Allergic Medications
    Over-the-counter drugs are a perfect way to stop your allergies. These drugs help boost the immune system and make it stay healthy. Some OTC drugs you could use for your allergies are cetirizine (Zyrtec), fexofenadine (Allegra), and levocetirizine (Xyzal). These drugs are very powerful to help you get rid of your allergies faster.


  1. Keep your Home Clean
    Keeping the home clean is one of the best ways of fighting allergies. Cleanness is next to godliness. You can’t expect to be allergy-free when your home is not free from them. You must clean the rooms and every area in the home you know may be a risk factor.


  1. Stay far from Smokes
    Those your runny nose and itchy eyes won’t disappear if you are always where smokes are. This is especially dangerous if you are always with those who smoke cigarettes. Be careful with the kind of restaurants, bars, and hotels you visit; make sure those places are free of smokes.


  1. Treatment with Acupuncture
    Most patients who were treated with antihistamines didn’t find relief. But when they underwent treatment with acupuncture, the inserting of needles in specific parts of the skin, they found relief. Consequently, acupuncture is one of the ways to get relief from your allergic symptoms.


  1. Always Read Food Labels
    Some allergens in processed foods are hidden. You ought to be judicious when choosing the best food to eat. It’s customarily required that the top food allergens are listed on any brand (these allergens include nuts, fish, soybean, shellfish, milk, egg). But in areas where this regulation isn’t as strict, the ingredients may not be included in the list. So be careful!


  1. Inhale Steam
    Your stuffy nose will gradually disappear when you inhale some steam. It is best not to do this in an open environment. You could also sit in the bathroom with a warm shower running.

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