Common Myths about the Common Cold

Even with the advances in medicines we have had, we are still bombarded with myths about the common cold. People still hold some misconceptions about what triggers, prevent, and cures a common cold. You may be prompted to think that these myths are just the fact; yes, the fact you need to know about the common cold. However, if you aren’t careful, you may put your health in serious jeopardy.

So, what’s true and what’s just wishful thinking? Let’s consider them one after the other warily.

#Myth 1. Covering Yourself Up With a Blanket Can Sweat Out Your Cold
It is a popular trend to see people when they are battling a common cold cover themselves with a blanket. They say it’s just the best method of sweating out the cold, thus making it go faster. However, the truth is that covering yourself up with a blanket doesn’t work as you might have thought. It is not true that your blanket is one of the best solutions you could employ to get rid of your cold.


#Myth 2. You Can Get a Cold From Getting Cold
This is another myth virtually everybody believes to be true as regards the winter season. They believe it to be true because a cold virus causes a common cold. But the fact is that getting cold itself doesn’t make you have a cold. The only thing is that when you come in contact with dirty things that have been virus-laden, you definitely won’t escape having a cold. Likewise, when you come in contact with people who have this cold issue; and when they sneeze or cough, you will get infected. You will quickly get infected by a cold when you are indoors. But kids who play outdoors are more likely to develop a stronger immune system that will help them fight against cold symptoms. In a nutshell, colds aren’t caused by specific temperatures; they are caused by a cold virus.


#Myth 3: If You Have a Cold For 7 Days, It Means You’ve Got a Sinus Infection
This statement is factually false. Why? The reason is that colds last longer than 7 days. Some people battle theirs for more than 1 week. You can attest to this experientially.


#Myth 4: You Can Only Be Contagious When You’ve Got a Fever
Most times, you hear people tell you that you are only contagious, not with a cold, but a fever. This is not true because fever is the ‘grand finale’ of the condition. The truth still remains- you get contagious from the 2nd-3rd day of having your cold symptoms whether you’ve got a fever or not.


#Myth 5: If You Have a Cold, Go For Antibiotics
To get this clear, the word “antibiotics” could also be termed “antibacterial”. Antibiotics or antibacterial are drugs used to destroy or slow the growth of bacteria. Consequently, antibiotics are not meant to fight against viruses.


#Myth 6: Chicken Soup, Hot Liquids Can’t Help Fight Against a Cold
Chicken soup has long been praised for its powerful effect on the common cold. This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties, which help mobilize the inflammatory cells, thus making them work better. This is also true with hot liquids and honey. They are better than the antibiotics you are used to.


#Myth 7: Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever
This is one of the most popular myths mankind has thrown a plethora of respect to. However, debunking this fact is of paramount importance. You ought to maintain a healthy lifestyle whether it’s a fever or not. Eat soups such as the chicken soup to stay hydrated; it’s one of the best supplements that help reduce upper respiratory cold symptoms.

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