comedian okon

In the light of President Buhari’s medical trip to the UK, a popular Nigerian comedian Bishop Imeh otherwise known as Lagos Okon, has advanced the reasons for the Nigerian President’s health challenges.

Through a video on his instagramm account, Lagos Okon attributed the ear infection of President Buhari to the constant and unceasing complaints of over 160 million Nigerians that reaches his hearing. Okon  noted that with all the upheavals bedeviling the Nigerian state such as the Boko Harm insurgency in the North-East, the agitations of the Niger Delta Avengers, the rampaging Fulani Herdsmen, the flailing naira, increase in price of tomatoes, the President’s ear has been inundated with the cries of hopelessness and helplessness of the average citizen.

comedian okon

He further added that if the current situation in the country persists, then Nigerians should also offer prayers to God on behalf of President Buhari, so that his second ear will not become infected as well, which could lead to him going deaf.

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