Can you actually get rid of stretch marks, or is everything a lie?

You noticed those fine lines on your skin but thought they were something different because you were not born with them. Then, you started thinking carefully about the best methods to get rid of them. But at some point, you paused and thought again if it was even possible to get rid of them. If you have this thought, then you are not alone — there are thousands of individuals, especially the youths — who grow up having these marks and they ask if it is possible to really get rid of stretch marks or if it could possibly be a prevarication.

Having this in mind, I have written something of paramount importance for you. But before giving a handful of answers to that thought-provoking question, let us consider what these fine lines are and why people have them. In addition, we will examine when in life they appear.

Stretch marks are long streaks or lines that develop on the skin when it (the skin) is pulled by the rapid growth of stretch. Stretch marks also develop as a result of the increase of cortisone in the skin. Cortisone is one of the crucial hormones produced by the adrenal gland. When produced moderately, it does nothing to the skin but it poses a threat on the skin when it is overproduced. This makes the skin to lose its elasticity, thus showcasing the once-hidden marks.

When do these marks appear in an individual’s life? You are at risk of developing stretch marks if you:

Have a dramatic weight loss or weight gain

Are a pregnant woman

Have a family history of stretch marks

Are overweight

Using corticosteroid medications

Are there scientifically proven treatments for stretch marks?

Is it really impossible to get rid of stretch marks? What treatments are available for stretch marks? While stretch marks can disappear gradually, there are certain treatments that can make them fade but cannot make them disappear completely.

For women who have these marks due to pregnancy, they notice that around 6-12 months after giving birth, the marks fade. 

Certain creams, lotions, and oils have promised to get rid of these marks. But as earlier noted, no scientific proof has been aired.

Ways to improve the appearance of your stretch marks include:

Tretinoin, whose brand name is Retina-A, is a cream applied to the skin. It is believed to help improve the appearance of stretch marks but there is little evidence that proves the absolute effectiveness of the cream. When it is applied, it works by rebuilding the skin collagen, making the skin stretch marks look more like your normal skin. However, Tretinoin has side effects such as the redness it causes on the skin. It also makes the skin to peel. And, if you are pregnant or a nursing mother, you are advised to dissuade from using the cream.

Laser or Light Therapy
This is one of the newest therapies used in the treatment of stretch marks. It helps to improve the appearance of stretch marks and increase the production and regulation of collagen. The only person legalized to perform this operation is a plastic, cosmetic, or skin surgeon. Although this therapy is expensive, it is proven to help improve the appearance of stretch marks.

This type of treatment is the use of a device to polish the skin by inserting tiny crystals onto it. This treatment is proven to improve the appearance of stretch marks. But the only problem with it is that, like others, it is expensive.  

How you can Prevent Stretch marks

Yes, it is possible to prevent marks; but it cannot be prevented completely as pregnant women are at risk of often developing them. However, by reason of eating healthy meals — which helps maintain your weight — can help you prevent stretch marks caused by a dramatic weight gain or lose.

Eat meals rich in vitamins and minerals

Drink plenty of water daily

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