How Can I Invest In Farming and What Crops Can I Invest In

How Can I Invest In Farming and What Crops Can I Invest In

After reading the previous post, many would be asking, how can I invest in farming? What are some plants I can invest in? How much can I invest? And how soon do I expect a return on investment? Well, the questions go on and on, and I will be taking the time to answer each of these questions, even if this post doesn’t answer all, many others will be able to give you satisfying answers to them.

How Do I Invest In Farming?

Having an interest in farming is where the journey begins, but how to even go about it could be the bigger part. If you remember, we promised to share some things you could think about planting on your farmland also, so what you want to plant is the first thing to consider before considering where to plant.

Crops like maize, plantain, banana and yam can’t survive well if planted close to water, so when planning on the best site, its best to look for places that are higher than the water level. When planning on waterleaf, bitter leaf, pumpkin leaves (ugwu) and many others, riverine areas may be ideal. So the first thing to consider now is: where in Nigeria can I get the best farmland for all these? States like Oyo and Ogun(for example) are far above the water level, so some crops tend to be more productive there than some other states.

Now What Should I Sow?

There is much information out there about these crops, but the fact is, you can actually sow all crops that grow in Nigeria on a single farmland, did I hear you say, how? Well, maize, pear, banana, plantain, cassava, orange, pumpkin leaves, tomatoes, pepper, and many others actually happen to be seasonal. And some actually produce almost every two months. You can actually plant those that have longer productivity periods like cassava and maize in some areas while some areas can be used to plant others. Sometime in the future, we will be teaching you how to plant each of these crops. So, have you decided what to plant? I am sure you have, now, how can I get a farmland?

How Can I Get a Farmland?

This could be the toughest task for those who didn’t grow in their villages and who dare not go back to ask for land (the fear of your village is the beginning of success). But you can actually get farmlands. I personally got a two plot of land in a less developed area of Ogun state to start my business, this lets me plant as much as I want with little or no thieves to disturb me. I built a small abode on the farm, so I practically live there and still do my business. For those of us on a low budget, you can decide to lease the land, but I will encourage you to get your own land as nobody will take you as shit. I got a plot for 200,000 then and I recently added another. Yes, the benefit of going rural is that there is land all around your farm, so you can easily expand.

How Can I Invest In Farming and What Crops Can I Invest In

How Do I Get Started?

It’s really funny; I wasn’t a farmer, so how did I get started? I did something some people may not like, though, I went to a rural area, I took advantage of the cheap labor to do most of the work, and those who I hired are farmers, so I actually got specialized services, I still stay on the farm, but am just there to supervise the sowing and the reaping process, I pay them and I keep my profits. Villages have bad roads, so taking the produce to market was challenging, but I thought of a solution, I processed some and sent the others to market. Later, I will be sharing how to start a garri, fufu, and yam flour processing business.

But How Soon Should I Expect A Return On Investment?

The truth is this, in any business, whether farming or not, you should expect returns after 6 months because, within this time, you will have to be known in the business and also, your fast selling crops will need six months to be ready for the market.

So, I do hope this guide has been helpful, what have I left out? What questions do you have? Please do feel free to share them with me in the comments.

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  1. I have a few questions:

    1. Is it 200,000 niaras or $?
    2. How big is a plot of land in meters?
    3. If I live outside Nigeria, how do I find the land? How do I buy it while overseas?
    4. Would you recommend I invest in this while living overseas?

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