Boy With Skin As Fragile As Butterfly Wings Dies

A young boy, by the name Jonathan Pitre, who battled one of the deadliest skin conditions in the world of mankind has died. He was just 17.

The teenager suffered from a skin disease known as Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), thus living with agonizing pains.

Pitre who died on April the 4th was amongst the 17,00 people on earth who suffer from this debilitating condition.

According to the daily newspaper, Ottawa Citizen, it was impossible for Pitre to scratch his body without tearing his skin just as a person can’t scratch the wings of a butterfly without tearing it.

Sadly, his dream to become a hockey player was not actualized.

As claimed by medical experts, there is no cure yet for EB, and the young boy was expected to live to the age of 25, although death almost took him immediately after birth. And as a toddler, he couldn’t crawl as that would result in tearing of the skin.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau posted a heartfelt message on Twitter over the death of young Jonathan Pitre, he wrote, “Jonathan Pitre was a hero in every sense of the world- a courageous and determined fighter who persisted in the face of every challenge and who inspired many. My deepest condolences to his mother, Tina, friends, and family today.”

With strong feelings of sadness, Jonathan’s mother, Tina Bolieau said that she could not imagine her life without her son, as would every mother who loves her child dearly.

His death was confirmed at a Minnesota hospital after he was admitted as a result of the feverish condition he had on Friday.

On Saturday his blood dropped, but as told by those present, he was still able to eat. However, things did not turn out well for the teenager as his blood continued to drop faster on Sunday, and on Monday his breathing began to fall.

We were saddened to hear the passing away of the hero on Wednesday, April 4th.

In 2012 when Jonathan attended an EB Conference in Toronto, he said he had ‘realized his purpose’ having met with other children who were also battling this similar disease.

After the conference, he told the Ottawa Citizen, “I think that was a turning point in my life. Before that, I didn’t really have meaning in my life. I didn’t know what I was here for. I came to understand that my role in life was to help people with EB.

The mother of the hero said that he was a devoted fan of science fiction.

We express sadness over the death of our dear friend and inspiration.



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