Do You Know Your Body Shape?

body shape

I have noticed that sometimes people are unaware or do not pay attention to their body shape. It is not enough to want to wear every single thing that is in vogue. For instance, there was a time I was convince that flared skirts looked ridiculous on me, that was all in my head. I avoided flared skirts until I knew that flared high waist skirts were what worked for my slim frame. One other thing that has obviously not looked right a few times is pencil trousers. This does not work for all shapes or sizes.

To bring this home, in summary, let us look at five body types and one thing to always bear in mind for each body type .

  • Triangle/pear shape – with a big under, you can get away with a lot but to balance things out, you could try wearing clothes that broaden your shoulders
  • Inverted triangle shape – keep details or anything that adds volume to your lower body
  • Athletic shape – enhance your waist, hips and butt with figure hugging clothes for instance
  • Apple shape – avoid details around bust, tummy and hips, give more attention to shoulders
  • Hour glass shape – This is the classic feminine shape and you could get away with just about anything so accentuate your curves by all means.

I hope this has helped? Embrace and love your body, know which shape you have and look your best at all times!

body shape
Body shape, whats yours?

A great place to check which I used as a reference is: Joy Of Clothes. Feel free to have a look for more details of body shapes and how to dress each one.

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