Benefits of juicing vegetables

There is no doubt that vegetables can be very beneficial for health. We let our body partake of the benefits of vegetables by consuming them in so many ways. Some just can’t resist that vegetable salad while others would prefer enjoying mixed vegetables with their favourite curry and the list keeps going from there. While there are various ways to consume our vegetables, one remains the most effective of them all.

Juicing veggies or extracting the juice from veggies and drinking it regularly is the optimal way to consume vegetables to benefit maximally healthwise from our generous vegetables. Does the idea of drinking vegetable juice make you swallow hard already? Or are you already experiencing numerous creases? Then, you most definitely are not aware of the fact that it is recommended for adults to quaff in at least two cups of vegetable juice every day. That recommendation would not have been given if juicing vegetables was not as effective.

However, for your body to be compensated with a daily dose of nutrients, you really need to get used to juicing up some fresh vegetables regularly, unless you prefer to settle for less. And let me give you some heads up; there are so many delicious vegetable juice recipes you could try out there. 

From this end of this article down to the bottom is a highlight of some amazing health benefits of juicing vegetables.

·        Supplies the body with high nutrient levels

Juicing veggies makes it easy for you to consume a lot of vegetables like if you were just drinking a cup of water. Each of these different vegetables mixed has special nutrients they supply to the body to keep you healthy and happy. No matter how we love eating vegetable, it gets a little bit boring trying to guzzle a lot, like five cups of vegetables successfully. But all that can easily fit into a cup if it is in the form of juice.

·        Better nutrient absorption

Inasmuch as we want to get all the nutrients in the vegetables consume, we need to ensure that the body gets easy access to all those nutrients. It takes more time and demands more work from our body to separate the nutrients from the fibre and then absorb those nutrients which are to be utilized for various functions when you are eating the vegetables. It gets even worse if you are not chewing your food properly or you have a weak digestive system. On the other hand, drinking juiced vegetables ensures that your body absorbs the entire nutrient that it needs to get from those vegetables you consumed in no time with less work.

·        An easier option

Which would you prefer? Chewing vegetables throughout the day just to get the benefits of all the nutrients or just fitting all those vegetables in just a cup in juice form? No matter how we try to dodge it, the later is an easier option or way of accessing the benefits of all the nutrients we can get in vegetables. However, instead of working so hard to consume all those vegetables by chewing, all you just need to do is regularly put them in a juicer and drink a cup to your health, advisably in the morning.

·        Hydrate the body

Hydration is one of the important processes that keep the body healthy. But most of us don’t meet up to the recommended measure of water consumption, perhaps it just doesn’t stick. Regularly taking a cup or two cups of vegetables in liquid form can keep the body hydrated; featuring the daily measure of water you must drink.

·        Natural Goodness

Vegetable juices are indeed health drinks. All just to get a proper dose of one or two nutrients, many opt to go for bottled drinks such as vitamin drinks, one of the most popular ones, in nearby health stores. With vegetable juices, however, you get not just any bottled vitamins, but natural vitamins plus minerals and above all, chlorophyll.

·        Treats and prevents wrinkles

Taking a healthy dose of vitamin C and vitamin E can go a long way in treating and preventing wrinkles and some vegetable juice come loaded. For vitamin C, drink the juice of vitamin C rich veggies such as broccoli, peppers, cauliflower and tomatoes, and then for Vitamin E, the juice of collard greens, turnip greens, turnip greens, and selenium vegetables. The juice of these vegetables can be very effective in treating and preventing wrinkles.

At this point, it is more than obvious that juicing vegetables it the way to go when it comes to deriving the optimum natural goodness of our veggies.

Speaking of beauty, juicing vegetables enables for the production of powerful vegetable juice which can be consumed for more specific or targeted beauty purposes apart from treating and preventing wrinkles such as combating hair loss, promoting hair growth, and so many more.

  • Spinach, beetroots, carrot and onions juice: for promoting beautiful hair growth.
  • Dark leafy green vegetable, cruciferous vegetables, and peppers juice: for combating hair loss.
  • The juice of orange vegetables: to control and prevent acne and pimples.
  • Tomatoes, potatoes, cabbages, carrots and radishes juice: for glowing skin.

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