Bitter melon is a fruit widely grown in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. It has many varieties, which depends on the shape and bitterness of the fruit. In the 14th century, it gained accolades in China. The fruit has a weedy, alkaline taste but it’s a known fact today that bitter fruits have more health benefits than sugary substances.  There are so many health benefits of this fruit most of us don’t know, probably because we aren’t used to eating it or drinking its extract. For this reason, I have taken it upon myself to share some important health benefits of the fruit and its extract with you all.
  1. Killer of Type 2 Diabetes
    Diabetes has been a major problem for humans. It’s a life-threatening disease which needs immediate medical attention. According to some studies, bitter melon has the capability to lower the sugar level in the body by increasing the metabolism of glucose. If you are thinking of how to get rid of your type 2 diabetes, go to a well-known store where you can get yours to get rid of that diabetes.
  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels
    LDL (bad cholesterol) is not good for the body, they are very dangerous because they force their heart to pump blood more frequently than usual, thus leading to the risk of heart disease. An animal-based study was carried out in 2013 to see the effect of bitter melon on certain animals. Scientists observed that animals placed on a diet enriched with bitter melon had a significant decrease in the level of cholesterol.
  • Aids Weight Loss and Maintenance
    Losing pounds of weight is one of the biggest problems people face on a daily basis. They have tried various methods but they haven’t seen themselves as being the grass under the feet of the elephant. The possibility of losing weight and maintaining it is very fat, it is possible with bitter gourd because it is low in calories but high in fiber.
  • Prevents Skin Problems and Infections
    The way your skin looks much boils down to what you take in. If you take in rotten foods, you will be damaging the once-healthy cells of our skin. Regular consumption of bitter gourd helps prevent acne because of its blood purifying properties. Have you tried different extracts to get rid of your eczema? You are just very lucky that nature has this wonderful fruit; it can help treat your eczema and/or Psoriasis.
  • Bitter Gourd for Shiny Hair
    Even though hair contains protein—the most important nutrient for its growth—it equally needs other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Bitter gourd is one of the best solutions to all the hair-related problems because it contains essential nutrients for the growth and brilliance of hair. These properties are also responsible for its ability to treat and get rid of your dandruff and restore natural hair color.  
  • Oily Hair
    You have oily hair because you always crave in for oily foods. But with better melon, you can deal with the ordeal by applying its extract on your hair and leaving it for 15 minutes. Then rinse the extract and regain your natural hair. However, you must avoid oily foods to be on the safest side.
  • Bitter Melon and the Health of Your Liver
    Your liver is essential for digesting food and riding your body of toxins. If the liver goes abnormal, then you have developed a live problem—which is very dangerous to your health if immediate medical attention is neglected. A compound found in bitter melon helps protect against liver failure by strengthening antioxidant activity of the enzymes present in the liver. Liver cirrhosis and hepatitis can be relieved with a bitter melon extract (juice).
  • Good for Arthritic Patients
    Bitter melon contains vitamin K, a nutrient which aids bone health and an inflammatory agent. Those who have a history of arthritis can reduce their pain through the intake of the fruit or its extract.   
  • Healing Properties of Bitter Gourd
    Bitter melon contains many vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C and K, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. These antioxidants and many more got from the fruit are excellent in overall health such as helping to cure hangovers and boosting the immune system.
However, bitter melon should not be taken excessively. Moderate intake of the fruit or its extract daily will help you have a healthy lifestyle as excessive intake of it has led to diarrhea, constipation, fever, and vomiting.

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