Australia’s Oldest Scientist Flies To Switzerland to End His Own Life

Australia's Oldest Scientist Flies To Switzerland to End His Own Life

Presenting, Western Australia is undergoing the process of enforcing a law to make voluntary euthanasia legal. If the law is eventually made legal, it will only apply to those who suffer severely from some health illnesses; this will not apply to 104 Dr. David Goodall, a former university lecturer and the oldest scientist in Australia who will be flying to Switzerland to end his life after his  repeatedly failed attempts to commit suicide over the past 12 months.

The law has been legalized in Switzerland. Thus, this has boosted his confidence that he would find someone who would provide voluntary euthanasia so as to end his life.

But there is something astonishing about this oldest scientist in Australia- he said he regretted reaching 104.  He said:

“I greatly regret having reached that age. I’m not happy, I want to die. It’s not sad particularly, but it’s sad if one is prevented. If one chooses to kill himself that should be fair enough. I don’t think anyone should interfere.”

Before flying to Basel where he will end his life through voluntary euthanasia, he is set to fly to Bordeaux on Wednesday to pay his last visit to his family.

Although he is not happily flying to Swiss, he says he will because he wants to end his life there since this act, considered illegal, has not been approved in Australia.

McGowan, one of the associates said that the legislation which is yet to be legalized is not actually dealing with Goodall situation since it deals with a person who is terminally heal

The pro-euthanasia group Exit International, which has called out for support and funds to help Dr. Godall fly to Switzerland said on its GoFundMe page:

“The situation of Dr, Goodall drives home the absolute limited value of an end to life law based solely on the individual’s health status.”

Dr. Goodall has been a member of the Exit International for 20 years.

The quality, as well as the physical condition of his life, has continued to deteriorate.

He has the backing of his family- with whom he has honest discussing his decision.

He used his 104th birthday (last month) to advocate widely throughout Western Australia for voluntary assisted Euthanasia.

“My feeling is that an old person like me should have full citizenship right, including the right assisted suicide.” Dr. Goodall said.

“One should be free to use the rest of his life as he chooses.”

But this is a thought-provoking question “Is it right for Dr. Goodall to do something as terrible as this?”


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