Assessing the perfect “Mr. Right” in Relationships

Assessing the perfect “Mr. Right”

Relationships are like pairs of shoes and clothing; you are only going to get comfortable in the right sizes. Trust me, when you go to the market, you don’t just pick any size of shoe, you go for your size.

People often date as if they were buying clothes they know will never fit. They ignore all the red flags indicating that such a relationship would end up in  disaster. In a bid to convince themselves, they try to change an unrepentant boyfriend. Wake up girl, you are not God.

I understand that nobody wants to be single forever, thus we often get scared that if we don’t give our heart a chance to be loved, we would be missing out in life, hence we keep moving from one relationship to another, hoping to hook up with “Mr. right”. I understand your fears, but being desperate will equally get you nowhere; you just have to sit tight and build yourself, who knows, Mr. Right might just be around the corner.Assessing the perfect “Mr. Right” in Relationships

The fact that a shoe is beautiful and nice doesn’t mean it is going to fit you. As such, this is the pedestal we should be using to measure our relationship today. This would save us from all the hurt prevalent in today’s relationship. You must realize that if the shoe doesn’t fit, you don’t need to buy it.

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