Are Baked Beans Good for You?

What came to your mind when you first caught sight of the expression “baked bean”? You may think of this as a type of beans baked because of the word used prior to the “beans”. However, it is not necessarily so—baked beans is not necessarily a kind of beans baked to make your day easy going. Baked beans is a dish containing beans. The beans are either baked or stewed in a sauce. The beans are usually made from haricot or cannellini in a tomato sauce. Beans are very high in protein and fiber and, as such, are considered good for the body. Reasons Why You Should Consider Eating Baked Beans There are a plethora of reasons why you ought to start eating baked beans. These beans are very high in proteins, fiber, and other important food nutrients needed for healthy living. Let us, at this juncture, consider some of the reasons why baked beans are recommended for you.
  1. Baked Beans is Rich In Fiber
    Yes, fiber is very essential for the digestive health and the regular movement of bowel. They help the body fight against certain diseases such as diabetes, bowel cancer, and heart disease. Also, if you are struggling with constipation, consider taking baked beans because of its fiber content.
  • A Rich Source Of Protein
    Have you ever thought of the reason why you are able to recover quickly when you hit your leg against a stone while walking? It is because of the bones and muscles protecting you. What makes these tissues strong so much so that they can’t easily be broken? This is where you need more protein. Protein helps build the body’s bones, muscles, cartilage, and skin. You also need protein to make hormones, enzymes and other important chemicals in the body. Those who lack protein suffer from so many health problems, among which is kwashiorkor. How important it is to take baked beans because of its high protein content.
  • Baked Beans Are High In Lycopene
    Because tomatoes are used in the preparation process, it is reasonable to conclude that baked beans are rich in lycopene—a powerful antioxidant that helps protect skin against environmental agents, such as the sun. Studies have also found this antioxidant to help reduce the risk of prostate, protect the eyes, and boost immunity.
  • Baked Beans is Packed with Vitamins
    Vitamins are very important for the growth and development of teeth and other essential organs and tissues in the human body. You never thought of baked beans to be rich in vitamins, did you? If you didn’t, you have to know henceforth that baked beans contain the needed vitamins for healthy development and growth of the human body. For example, baked beans contain folate, an essential vitamin needed for the release of energy.
  • A Good Source Of Iron
    Most of us hardly take in diets rich in iron. But one important way you can start doing that today is craving for baked beans because of the red meat used. However, the red meat used shouldn’t be too much so as not to cause health effects. So if you think of getting more iron, then think of eating baked beans. But why exactly do you need iron, you may ask. Iron is one of the most vital minerals in the body. It helps treat anemia and boost hemoglobin.
  • A Great Source of Other Important Minerals
    Selenium, zinc, magnesium, copper, and sodium are found in baked beans. All these minerals are very vital for overall health. If the fluids in the body aren’t balanced, there will problem. This is where one of the important minerals, sodium, is needed. Magnesium helps reduce the risk of migraine headache and fundamental for relieving anxiety.  
However, it is advisable you bake your own beans since there is an absolute need to cut down excessive intake of sugar and salt. Another reason why you are advised to bake your own beans is that most of the canned baked beans contain additives such as caramel color—a potential cancer-causing agent.

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