african prints

African prints (Ankara) have suddenly become a bold statement. It is no longer limited to being worn in Africa but is worn all around the world and are even worn to red carpet events.

In Nigeria Ankara has always been around. Once upon a time, I wore Ankara only to church on Sundays or for special occasions. But now, I would gladly rock Ankara any time, any day. One of the things I love about Ankara is its versatility. I could easily have a jumpsuit, a pair of trousers, a skirt, a blouse, a dress and so much more made from it.
There are lots of things to explore about African prints. Recently, I have noticed how head scarves and different accessories are so easily paired with any kind of outfit. The wearer just needs to know how!
Here are three tips to consider when pairing clothes with African print head scarves:
– Colors matter – I know that color blocking is one way to make a fashion statement but please note that many African prints are already busy, so try not to wear clothes that are too busy in order to avoid looking like a hot mess. If the head scarf is busy, try single colored outfits or even if multiple, preferably, soft colors and vice versa.

african prints
– The printed head scarves go well with bright colored and sometimes chunky jewelry. Might be nice to choose a color from the fabric to make your look pop.
– Try not to overdo it. Make sure that your scarf suits the occasion so that you don’t stand out in a bad way. There are super simple styles that can be done as well as edgy ones.
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