9 Fashion Items Hurting Your Health

9 Fashion Items Hurting Your Health

Everyone, especially women, wants to fit in the fashion -oriented world. While trying to do this, do not also forget that there are some fashion items that are very debilitating to your health. They could put your health in absolute jeopardy. What are they? Here are just nine of them

Hefty earrings

According to researchers, people who pierce ears develop bacterial infections. The recent research says 35 out of 100 people with pierced ear are damaging their ears with this kind of microbes. In some cases it could cause the discharge of fluid from the pierced ear with a foul smell, indicating the presence of bacteria. The use of large and hefty earrings causes damage on the earlobes, putting your life at risk since it requires a plastic surgery.

Fashion Ties

Recent studies have shown that ties are also very unhealthy when not properly knotted. What kind of ties is the new study emphasizing on? Reports from the Cornell University study says that 67% of men are always out to purchase shirts that are smaller than their necks. Small shirts, as well as tight knots, are very dangerous to health, for they reduce the circulation of blood, cause headaches, minimize the movement of the neck and increase intraocular pressure, a pressure in the eye which causes glaucoma and permanent loss of vision when left untreated.


We prefer flip-flops than most footwear since they can easily be worn. But, they are not as safe for the health as we imagined.

They cause scrapes on the feet which can easily be infected. Also, this pair of flat footwear causes the heel to hit the ground with stronger force, which leads to discomfort.

High Heels

Researchers at the University of Auburn said that women had four times more foot problems than men do. This, according to the study conducted at the university, is adduced to the high heels worn by women, especially ladies. This leads to pains in the joints, ankle sprains, and osteoarthritis.


Nowadays, women prefer wearing thongs. But the health issues associated with them are nothing to write home about. Thongs cause vaginal infections, roughness of the skin, and hemorrhoids. Thongs should not be worn during summer.

Shaped Wears

Everyone wants to just fit in with shaped trousers, shirts or kinda. But shaped or tight outfits do not just worth it, they are health destroyers. They cause muscle pain and problems associated with the circulation of blood.

Extra-large Handbags

It has been noticed that women are really feeling happy carrying handbags filled lots of items, accessories, gadgets and whatever they need to make them feel comfortable as they move from East to West.

The individuals are not really doing themselves any good as they are destroying their joints.

Pencil Skirts

Ladies feel they are on top of the world when putting on pencil skirts, feeling these bring their shapes out. But, these skirts are always making you feeling uncomfortable because they bring your legs too close, this leads to losing balance. Pencil skirts also cause muscle strains and knee malformation.


These bands made of absorbent materials like terrycloth absorb sweat. However, they also accommodate bacteria which could stick around the buttock even after the fabric dries. According to Dr. Zeichner, sweatbands cause life-threatening illness like diabetes.

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