8 Unmistakable Symptoms of HIV in Men

8 Unmistakable Symptoms of HIV in Men

Every day around the world, there are new cases of HIV recorded, and two-thirds of this new cases occur mostly in men. According to expert, gays and bisexuals make up the largest group of men living with HIV. Therefore, the prevalence of HIV among men is attributable to the fact that men are late presenters as most men only get diagnosed at the advanced stage of HIV infection.

Coupled with self-denial, HIV symptoms are often subtle and tolerable making many infected men to conclude that the HIV symptoms they are experiencing are simply symptoms of flu and other related diseases. Because of this, the health of most men is adversely affected before they opt for HIV screening, testing, and subsequent treatment.

Also, symptoms of HIV in men are generally not distinguishable from HIV symptoms in women, asides vaginal discharges and menstrual cycle changes, most general symptoms of HIV are same in men and women. Although, these symptoms may be vague and distinct from one man to another, yet still most men will exhibit the general pattern associated with HIV infection. Consequently, below are 8 notable symptoms of HIV infection in men:

  1. Asymptomatic symptoms

Although many men attribute asymptomatic symptoms of HIV to other diseases such as flu, these symptoms very much remain one of the early symptoms of HIV infection. These asymptomatic symptoms include fever, acute headache, and fatigue which are easily dismissive for other diseases order than HIV infection.

  1. Swollen glands

This symptom usually happens few days after HIV infection. The swelling of the glands is usually because the infection has spread to the nodes through lymph fluids in the body. Although this swelling usually manifests in the early days of infection, they may not resurface until a few years later.

  1. Rapid weight loss

Weight loss or wasting is another noticeable symptom of HIV infection in men and occurs because the body is making use of fewer nutrients than it is absorbing from food. Typically, any unintentional weight loss should be investigated as it may be the sign of HIV infection or other related sicknesses.

  1. Muscle soreness and joint pains

Another symptom most HIV patients complain of is muscles soreness and pains of the joints. Coupled with existing fatigue, this symptom can cause frequent exhaustion in HIV patients.

  1. Nausea/vomiting

Nausea and frequent vomiting are one of the telltale symptoms of HIV infection. This symptom often time defy all medication and may persist for a while, which if ignored may eventually lead to wasting and weight loss in HIV patients.

  1. Infections

HIV disease may surface with myriads of infections in men. This infection may affect the skin, eyes, lungs digestive tracts, kidneys or brain. Another characteristic of these kinds of infections is that they are resistant and difficult to treat, hence, men should never take these symptoms for granted and seek urgent medical treatments.

8 Unmistakable Symptoms of HIV in Men

  1. Night sweats

Although night sweats can occur because of weather changes, yet still, night sweats that are profuse and drenching and are not indicative of weather changes should be investigated as it might be a warning sign of HIV infection.

  1. Ulcers

An ulcer is a common symptom that comes with HIV infection and can occur within the mouth and throat making chewing and swallowing excruciatingly painful.

P.S: All the symptoms mentioned above may not be a confirmation of HIV infection in men,  as such, HIV can best be confirmed by screening and testing.

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