6 Warning Signs of Impending Skin Cancer

6 Warning Signs of Impending Skin Cancer

The earlier skin cancer is diagnosed and treated, the better any patient’s chances of preventing surgery or in more serious cases preventing cancer from deteriorating into Melanoma which can result in disfigurement or in many cases, death.

Therefore, it is important to discuss your level of risk with your doctors during medical checkups and get advice on how to spot any dangerous changes on your skin.

As a rule, you must get to know your skin, like you know yourself; this would help you detect abnormal changes that may point to skin cancer. Hence, you must look out for a new spot or abnormal changes to existing freckles or moles. Here are six signs of skin cancer:

  1. New Moles That Are Abnormally Colored

Moles and freckles might not be anything to be seriously worried about. Nonetheless, a Mole that is either brown or tan shouldn’t be treated with a kid’s glove. Furthermore, when moles appear to be black, white, red or blue, that’s the perfect time to visit a dermatologist as this is a warning sign to melanoma, a kind of skin cancer.

  1. Elevated Bump Or Wart-Like Growth

Elevated bump or wart-like growth, are very common in people with skin diseases. Thus if you have a bump that appears like tiny blisters on your skin, which is often time 6mm in size, that has refused to disappear or heal up in over six weeks, then it becomes a warning sign of skin cancer doctors say is worth checking out. In more severe cases these bumps in the skin bleed a little and can occur in the face or neck region. Also, a sore or wart-like growth that has refused to heal up is another tell-tale sign of skin cancer like basal cell carcinoma.

  1. Scaly Patches

Most scaly patch that appears in people’s hand might be benign and nothing more than just a dry skin that needs moisturizers. Still, if a scaly patch on the skin has persisted for more than six weeks and has occupied a spot on the skin more than 6mm in size, then you shouldn’t ignore it and seek immediate screening for cancer. This is because scaly patch on the skin is mostly a warning sign of basal cell carcinoma.

  1. A Reddish Patch Or Irritated Area

This is one sure sign and symptom of basal cell carcinoma which is yet another type of skin cancer. This red patch or scale usually occurs in areas such as chest, arms, legs or face. In severe cases, this patch may itch or hurt, leading to serious discomforts.  Hence, when people begin to see such reddish patch or irritated areas on their skin, they should seek an urgent medical appointment with a dermatologist who would screen them for skin cancer.

6 Warning Signs of Impending Skin Cancer

  1. A Pink Growth

Skin cancer can be identified by looking out for pink growth on the surface of the skin. This pink growth often time have a rolled up border or have a crusted indentation. As the growth progresses, blood vessels usually develop just on the surface of the skin. If this is you, I suggest you go for urgent skin cancer screening which would help identify the cause of this pink growth on the skin.

  1. New Moles With Weird Edges

Most non-cancerous moles are usually symmetrical and smooth and thus shouldn’t raise any alarm, nevertheless, when moles appear to have rough edges and are not symmetrical in shape; ensure that you get such mole examined as they might be red flags to impending skin cancer.

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