6 Steps to Starting a Business from Zero

6 Steps to Starting a Business from Zero

Every great business today had their grass to grace story. This is because every thriving business was once embedded in dreams and aspirations until they became what they are today. Take a stock of all the wealthy business people like Dangote, Otedola, Folorunsho Alakija etc, and you will discover they all had their grass to grace story, i.e. their days of humble beginnings.

Consequently, as an aspiring entrepreneur, this article is for you, and I hope it spurs you into starting your own business. Remember, the goal is to dream big but start little. Below are six things you must consider while starting your business from zero:

  1. Research your market

This is the first thing you must do while starting up your business, you must understand that every business has a targeted market and customers, and your understanding of your competitors, determinants of forces of demand and supply and how the market operates will determine how your business thrives. Thus, you must endeavor to study your market by talking to expert and professionals like your life depended on it.

  1. Set a tangible financial goal

I understand that bigger is better, hence having a big financial goal is a good thing, especially when starting your business. However, you should never be under any pressure to set an unrealistic financial target as this is one start-up decision that will sure ruin your business. The best way to set a tangible financial goal is to review your financial goal every now and then.

  1. When you create a website, make the content shareable

You must understand that having a website is absolutely important to your business, yet still, making the contents on your website shareable will sure boost your business, as it will not only earn you referrals but also help you market your products.

  1. Build a List

Building your business from the scratch involves a lot of strategies, and one of such strategies involves building a list of people who visit your website by storing their emails. At first, it might sound like a lot of work, but trust me, this would come handy in the future as you could use their emails to promote your products, which would cost you less when compared to paid advertisement. You might be wondering how to go about building a list, free resources like appsumo.com, hellobar.com allow you get and store your visitors email.

6 Steps to Starting a Business from Zero

  1. Launch A Product Or Service You Can Sell

It’s a good thing to be financially free, but then you have to offer a service or launch a product people are willing to pay for. Nobody will pay you for doing nothing except you want to resort to illegitimate means of becoming financially free. To launch a product or service, you must study your customers, know what they need and build your business around such needs, this way, they will pay you because you are offering them value for their money.

  1. Start NOW and Improve as You Go

Every business starts with a dream and vision. Nonetheless, never expect perfection when you start your business, you learn as the business grows. From interactions with your customers, you get to know what aspect of your business you need to improve on. Consequently, never wait for everything to be perfect, start now and you will definitely improve in the long run.

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