6 Effective Home Remedy for Diabetes That Work

6 Effective Home Remedy for Diabetes That Work

Diabetes is a serious lifelong disease that plagues over 360 million people worldwide. This life-threatening disease has taken more lives than cancer and HIV/AIDS combined. It is characterized by unusual high blood sugar level which depletes the body’s ability to either produce or use insulin. While there has been lots of over the counter medications that claim to help manage blood sugar levels in the body,

very few people know about the extraordinary health benefits of some home remedies that have proven more effective in maintaining blood sugar levels. Here are seven effective home remedies for diabetes people should know:

Holy Basil Leaves

Holy basil leave is popularly known as “the incomparable one” because of its healing powers. It boasts of antioxidants and essential oils used in producing methyl eugenol, and caryophyllene. These chemical compounds have been effective in managing blood sugar levels as well as anxiety and stress.

Tips: Chewing two to three holy basil leaves or its extracted juice on an empty stomach is reputed to help manage the body’s sugar level.

Flax Seeds

Flax seed is a common ingredient found in foods like waffles, oatmeal, and crackers. This excellent food crop is also considered very healthy as it helps reduce the body’s sugar level by almost 28 percent.

6 Effective Home Remedy for Diabetes That Work


Tips: Start by consuming a tablespoon of ground flax seed with a cup of warm water, do this every morning on an empty stomach. However, do not take more than two tablespoons daily, as it could be dangerous to your health.

Bilberry Plant Leaves

This excellent miracle leaf has been used to control blood sugar levels for centuries. Research and publications in health journals claim that the leaves of bilberry plant contain high amounts of anthocyanidin which increases the actions of proteins responsible for the transportation of glucose and fat metabolism.

Tips: Consume 100 milligrams of this leave by including it in your daily diet or drink directly after extracting its juice.


The health benefits of cinnamon cannot be overstated. This wonder spice is reputed to lower blood sugar levels, relieve pains from arthritis as well as improve insulin sensitivity in the body. Consequently, if you are not consuming this astonishing spice because of its delicious taste, then consume it because of its unrivaled health benefits.

Tips: Always include one gram of cinnamon in your daily diet. This would boost your body’s insulin sensitivity as well as contribute to maintaining your body’s blood sugar levels.

Green Tea

Those who know just how potent green tea is, don’t take this treasured leave for granted. Green tea leaves contain high polyphenol contents that help manage the body’s blood sugar levels. It is also highly rich in hypoglycemic compounds which aid the body to use insulin better.

Tips: Drink green tea daily preferably before meals. Consume just a cup after boiling for 2-3 minutes.

Drumstick Leaves

This leaf is popularly known as Moringa. Besides the fact that Moringa leaves are great kitchen staples, they are known to boost overall body energy. It is perfect for diabetic patients because it lowers blood sugar levels as well as slows the breaking down of foods.

Tips: Patiently crush drumstick leaves to extract its juice, and then drink on an empty stomach. Do this every morning to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Alternatively, you could include them in your diet if extracting the juice sounds a bit stressful.

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