6 Early Symptoms of HIV Infection

6 Early Symptoms of HIV Infection

HIV is one of the most overwhelming and deadly sexually transmitted diseases the world has ever witnessed. The world health organization estimates that over 36.7 million people suffer from this disease worldwide. Although HIV is predominantly transmitted through sexual intercourse with an infected person,

research has proven beyond reasonable doubt that HIV could equally be transmitted through other means, such as sharing of sharp objects like needles, syringe, blood transfusion etc.

Furthermore, while symptoms of HIV may not appear for years, or even decades in some people, 40 to 90 percent of people usually experience flu-like symptoms within the first few months of infection. Consequently, it is important that people go for testing every now and then to know their status especially those having high-risk sexual relations with more than one partner. Here are some early signs HIV positive persons might exhibit:

  1. Fever

Fever is considered as one of the very first early symptoms of HIV, as infected persons might display mild fever with body temperature reaching about 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, in HIV-positive persons, this form of fever is accompanied with fatigue, persistent headache, sore throat, excruciating joint pains and swollen lymph glands.

  1. Fatigue

Fatigue is another resultant symptom of HIV virus in the body, and this usually occurs because of the replication of a large number of HIV viruses in the bloodstream. This symptom might also be triggered by inflammatory response generated by your immune system because of the presence of HIV virus in the body. While not all fatigue is triggered by HIV infection, it is apparent that people get to know that fatigue is one of the early signs of HIV infection.

  1. Achy Muscles, Joint Pain, Swollen Lymph Nodes

While many people mistake achy muscles, painful joints swollen lymph and viral infections for hepatitis and syphilis, this symptom still remains a very glaring symptom of HIV infection. Hence, people who experience this symptom are advised to visit any HIV center for testing and cross-examination.

  1. Skin Rash

Skin rash is of the symptoms of HIV infection that is displayed by HIV-positive persons, this rash might occur either at the early or late stage of infection, depending on how strong a person’s immune system is. This rash is usually in the form of persistent itchy and painful boils around the arm and trunk areas of the body and most times seem too difficult to treat.

6 Early Symptoms of HIV Infection

  1. Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea

According to doctors and physicians, 30 to 40 percent of HIV-positive persons display short-term nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting in the very early stages of infection. These forms of nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, are unremitting, as they do not respond to any form of medical treatment. If this is exactly how you feel, getting tested will help you know your status and help you manage this disease.

  1. Weight Loss

Weight loss in HIV patients is usually the result of a depleted immune system and severe diarrhea. Weight loss, like every other symptom of HIV might occur either at the early or late stage of infection. Weight loss in HIV patients is popularly known as wasting syndrome. People who suffer from this wasting syndrome must have lost at least 10 percent of their body weight and had severe diarrhea for at least 30 days.

P.S: HIV patients should have at the back of their mind that being HIV-positive is not the end of the world as there are a million and one people out there successfully living with HIV virus and pursuing their ambitions in life.

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