5 Ways to Market Your Business for Free (or Nearly Free)

5 Ways to Market Your Business for Free (or Nearly Free)

You never know how important marketing is until you are about to start a business no one knows nothing about. Marketing ensures that people get to know about your business and the service you offer which will in the long run translate into more patronage, more sales and more profit.

Nonetheless, as good as marketing may sound, it doesn’t come cheap as it requires a huge chunk of budget to generate the right momentum and result. However, if you are a new entrepreneur or businessman who has little or no advertising budget at all, this article is for you. But, I must warn you, it comes with a lot of creativity, patience, and commitment to nail what am about to tell you. Below are efficient ways to market your business that will cost you little or nothing:

Build an Active and Loyal Social Media Following

No one should ever box you into believing that social media is a complete waste of time. It will definitely come in handy someday, this is because social media gives you access to millions of people around the world. Hence you must strive to build a loyal social media following as it would help you market your product with little or no budget.

Also, you must ensure you provide original content which people will naturally love, believe me, there are a million and one people out there who are marketing their products on social media, quality content is what differentiates you from others, so you must be original and avoid spam. Nothing stops you from opening a social media account for your business.

5 Ways to Market Your Business for Free (or Nearly Free)

Develop Referral Partnerships with Businesses That Share Your Audience

This is a guaranteed way of building your customer base; it ensures that your products are brought to the notice of targeted audience. You must develop strong alliances by entering into referral partnership with businesses that share same niche or same audience as you. This would translate into a form of symbiotic relationship that will result in a win-win profit venture for both partners.

Constantly Engage with Your Current Customers

Constantly communicating with your customers, is one way your business can stay relevant. Always endeavor to have an email list of all your customers and reach out to them every now and then, tell them about new products you are offering. Finally, give them interesting facts about your company or industry, this form of marketing will ensure your brand never escapes your customers’ glare.

Get Out On the Streets

This is easier said than done. It entails a lot of work, patience, and resilience. In Nigeria, this is called hustling; it pushes you out of your comfort zone by forcing you to talk to people about your business on the street, when you board a bus and when you are eating in a cafeteria. It is difficult at first but your most loyal customers might be those you met on the street.

Do Something Virally Outrageous

You must be creative and think outside the box, do something unconventional especially in the business world; perhaps something that goes beyond giving mere information about your products to your customers. You may offer a huge coupon for the first ten buyers of your products; these will make more customers patronize you.

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