5 Best Treatments for Brain Tumor

5 Top Treatments for Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is a mass or development of unusual tissues in your brain or next to your brain. Findings have revealed that varied types of brain tumor exist. While some brain tumors are noncancerous (benign), others are cancerous (malignant). Initially, Brain tumor can start in the brain (primary brain tumor), or occur in other regions of your body then spread to your brain (secondary, or metastatic, brain tumor).

How rapidly a brain tumor advances varies significantly. Therefore, the progress rate and location of a brain tumor ascertain just how this will alter the functions of the nervous system. Consequently, treatment options for brain tumors depend on the size and location of the tumor. Below are five treatment options available to brain tumor patients.


A surgical procedure is usually the very first treatment available to cancer patients. This procedure involves the removal of the cancerous tumor along with surrounding healthy tissues. For a low-grade or primary brain tumor, surgery is usually the single treatment necessary to kill the tumor. Besides removing the tumor, surgery also helps provide sample tissue for diagnoses. Hence, through tissue biopsies, a doctor will establish if further treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy are necessary. While some cancerous tumor might not be permanently cured through surgery, removing the tumor will relieve patients from the painful symptoms of brain tumor.


Radiation therapy is yet another treatment option available to brain tumor patients. Physicians through radiotherapy use high energy x-ray to burn off cancer cell. Secondly, radiotherapy is also used to slow the growth of cancer cell. Most times, when cancer has advanced, radiotherapy is combined with many other treatments like surgery or chemo to manage a cancer cell. In brain tumor patients, radiotherapy can be administered either through external beam radiation therapy or internally through implants in the brain to burn off cancer cells.


Chemotherapy is a usually used to treat brain tumors that usually resurface after surgery. This treatment involves the use of drugs to kill cancerous cells. The essence of medicines offered during chemo is to destroy or reduce the ability of the tumor cell to grow. When this cancerous cell reaches an advanced stage chemo can is combined with radiotherapy to relieve the symptoms of brain tumor. The drugs giving to a patient during chemotherapy are evaluated from time to time. Hence, constant communication with your physician would help you know more about the drugs prescribed and their side effects.

5 Top Treatments for Brain Tumor


Targeted therapy is used together with chemotherapy to treat specific tumor genes, tissues or proteins around areas of the brain that enhances tumor survival and growth. This treatment is necessary to inhibit the growth and spread of cancerous cells while limiting the damage done to healthy cells.



Alternating electrical field therapy is a treatment option available to people newly diagnosed with a tumor in the brain. This procedure uses noninvasive devices that interfere with tissues in the brain that sponsors tumor growth or spreads. Treatment using Alternating electrical field therapy involves placing Optune electrodes that generate electric current in a cancer patient’s head. Research has proven that patients who used this treatment lived longer than those that used chemotherapy, making it quite useful in treating brain tumors.

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