5 Top Detox Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

5 Top Detox Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

Are you thinking of losing weight but don’t know how to do it best because of lots of calories and cholesterol you find yourself consuming? You are in the right place as I’ve published this post- albeit for those who desire to lose weight faster- for you.

Also, are you aware doctors suggest that you consume 7-9 servings of vegetables daily for weight loss? Are you really measuring up to that standard? Well, honest to God, it’s very difficult to have this daily. This is where utilizing juices shines.

You may say there are absolutely a number of ways to drop those fatty pounds that keep amassing- going to a nearby gym to do some rigorous exercises, or a simple walk- but one of the most effective methods of doing this without spending many hours and going through stress is detox juices.

Does this sound obnoxious to you? Exploiting juices for weight loss makes life easier. There are, however, some individuals who are allergic to eating fruits daily. If you are a member of this group of people who, although want to lose weight, are still in the battlefield of not consuming many veggies as recommended, I’ve got a list of these simple juice recipes that can help you deal with the problem and lose weight successfully.  But before sharing these detox juice recipes, let’s examine warily what detox juice is.

What’s a Detox Juice?

That natural juice you make from natural ingredients (fruits and veggies) mostly present in your home is a detox juice. These natural ingredients are so abundant and are cheap to purchase in the market. Examples are watermelon, cucumber, cashew, tomatoes, lime, lemon, apple, pineapple, and celery.

The Best Detox Juice Recipes

At this juncture, let’s delve into some of them which are very helpful for weight loss.

Watermelon Cucumber Juice Recipe

Because watermelon contains 90% of water, it’s considered one of the best fruits to help lose weight. Intake of watermelon daily helps you stay hydrated. Also, cucumber has a high percentage of water. This combo helps fill the stomach so there won’t be any room for calorie-rich meals. Juicing watermelon with cucumber helps you lose weight faster. Preparation is as simple as any simple thing you can think of provided you have all the necessary things.


4 cups watermelon
2 cups cucumber
1 tablespoon
3 ice cubes
½ cup water (optional)


Pour all the ingredients in a juice extractor and juice
Add the ice cubes to the ingredients in the juicer to crush to pieces
Pour the mixture into a glass cup and serve immediately

Apple Kale Juice Recipe

Another sweet juice that aids weight loss is the one mentioned above. It’s very easy to prepare; you need not an expert to teach you.


6 fresh kale leaves
3 fresh apples (red or green)
1-inch peeled ginger (for taste)
5 ice cubes
½ cup water


Wash the kale leaves in running water
Chop the apples into several halves
Pour the ingredients into a liquidizer and juice to smoothness
Add the ice cubes to crush
Pour the smoothened juice into a bowl and serve immediately

Lemon Pineapple Juice Recipe

Wasting your money to buy the canned counterparts of this lemon apple (apple lemonade) juice isn’t the best way to go. Just juicing is because you get all the nutrients you can’t derive from the canned counterparts.


1 fresh large apple
2 fresh lemons
4 ice cubes


Chop the pineapples into chunks
Peel and cut the lemon into halves
Put the ingredients in a juicer and juice to smoothness
Pour into a bowl and stir thoroughly

Apple Cider Vinegar Grapefruit Orange Juice Recipe

This combo helps you fight calories that may be present in the body. It helps to lose weight just like other fruit juices do.


2½ pink grapefruit
2 oranges
3 tablespoon ACV
½ tablespoon honey
1 cup water


Using a knife, peel the grapefruits and oranges
Process the ingredients in a juicer
Blend following the juicer’s manual
Pour into a bowl and stir
Refrigerate and serve or you serve immediately

Pear Cashew Apple Juice Recipe

Research has shown that pear cashew apple juice helps combat fat. This fruit juice is very good for weight loss.


8 fresh cashew apple (any color)
4 fresh pears
1 cup water
6 ice cubes


Wash the cashew apples and remove the nuts
Wash and peel the pears
Chop the pears and cashew apples into chunks
Process all ingredients and ice cubes in a juicer
Pour the smoothened juice in a glass cup and serve

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