5 Things to Expect From Africa Fashion Week 2016

africa fashion week

The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016 (AFWN 2016), slated for the 1st to 3rd of July is seriously gearing up to be the greatest fashion show as its set to record presentations of latest collections by 60 designers from different parts of the world.

According to the organizers, the event will feature some very interesting varieties. So if you’re considering registering your presence, then you should look forward to being thrilled with the following;

  1. 60 Designers To Showcase

Collections from 60 designers will be showcased in this 3-day event. This will absolutely be the fashion show with the largest number of designers. You’ll surely be stunned by their collections!

  1. Trainings and Seminars

This is the first time AFWN will open with a conference consisting of participants cutting across all interests in fashion. Professionals from the fashion industry will take people through the business of fashion. Get ready for some enlightenment! As you may end up learning a lot of other things from the pros, and even if you are not lucky to be the winner, you will definitely go back home a different person.


  1. Theatrical Performance

Ever heard of theatrical modeling? Here’s your chance to witness one, as designers have interesting presentations lined up for the event. Prepare to be tickled with dramatic pieces on the runway as you watch models go wild!

  1. Unique Beauty Trends

Your mind will be blown at the makeup artistry for this year. The team made known their close work with the designers this year to create incredible firms that will inspire beauty trends after watching the show.

  1. A Young Designer Of The Year Will make It To The International Runways

The AFrica Fashion Week Nigeria team will introduce a young designer into the international world this year who will be chosen, supported, and sponsored to present at international shows.

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