5 Symptoms of Kidney Disease

5 Symptoms of Kidney Disease

It is estimated that more than 8 to 10% of adults worldwide live with one form of kidney disease or the other, and the most disturbing facts about this statistic are that most people who suffer from this diseases hardly know it. Although there are a number of telltale signs that indicates one is suffering from a kidney disease, people tend to attribute this symptom to other diseases.

Other disturbing facts about kidney diseases are that most sufferers tend to find out late about their conditions; hence, very few people get to recover from this deadly disease plaguing the world. Consequently, this article is timely as it aims to address the issue of kidney disease and point out tell-tale symptoms which would help people identify early enough if they are suffering from a kidney disease.

Although the most accurate way to know if you have a kidney disease still remains going for testing, yet still, experts, researchers and doctors alike have over the years shared possible signs and symptoms that may indicate if one is suffering from a kidney disease. Thus, below are 5 symptoms that indicate you may be suffering from kidney disease:

  1. You’re more tired, have less energy or are having trouble concentrating

One sign that indicates you might be suffering from kidney disease is your display of undue tiredness and less vigor at carrying out  your responsibilities, and this is apparently because of the inability of your kidney to function at optimum capacity. Furthermore, this decrease in function of your kidney can lead to building up of toxins and impurities in the blood, which may result in severe anemic conditions that eventually causes fatigue.

  1. You’re having trouble sleeping

Another symptom closely associated with kidney disease is “insomnia”, which is a condition when people have trouble sleeping. This is as a result of the inability of the kidney to filter toxins properly. A lot of people who suffer from kidney disease always complain of having trouble sleeping, hence, if you notice that, you are having a tough time getting some sleep, I suggest you see your doctor as quickly as possible.

  1. You have dry and itchy skin

The importance of the kidney to the body cannot be overemphasized.  They not only help rid the body of harmful toxins and fluids but also help build red blood cells needed to keep the bones strong, they also work to ensure the body has the right amount of minerals needed for its survival. Nonetheless, itchy and dry skin is signs that the kidney is no longer capable of maintaining the right mineral needed for the bodies for the body’s normal function.

5 Symptoms of Kidney Disease

  1. You feel the need to urinate more often

This is another very glaring symptom that indicates that one may be suffering from kidney disease. When you feel the urge to urinate more than often, especially during the night, then it’s time to get tested, you just might be suffering from “a kidney disease”.

  1. You see blood in your urine

This is usually what happens when the kidney is no longer capable of properly filtering body fluids; this would result in blood leaking into the urine. Furthermore, blood in the urine is also a symptom that suggests one may be suffering from kidney stones, tumors or other infections. Consequently, it is advisable for people to visit the hospital for testing every now and then and not wait till their conditions deteriorate.

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