5 Top Tips for Students and New Grads Looking for Their Dream Jobs

5 Top Tips for Students and New Grads Looking for Their Dream Jobs

Every year, hundreds of universities graduate thousands of students who swoop into the labor market. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult for these groups of new graduates to even land a decent job not to talk about finding their dream job.

The recession has not helped either; it has made landing a decent job more daunting than ever. Furthermore, graduating with an impressive class of degree is no guarantee that you are going to land a job in the labor market.

The few grads that are able to land a job do so on the benevolence of having an uncle, friend or relative in the top echelons of government or private organizations. However, if you are a graduate who is willing to be creative and hard working, this article is for you. Below are five tips that will help you land your dream job.

  1. Create a professional online presence with LinkedIn

It would interest you to know that LinkedIn is a popular social media platform that most professionals sign up with, hence having and maintaining an online presence on this platform will aid you in no small measure in landing your dream job. Professionals who are willing to recruit hard working and dedicated employees usually use LinkedIn more than any other website. Consequently, you must strive to build a strong LinkedIn profile by documenting your qualifications, working experience, and achievements.

  1. Network

I cannot emphasize this point enough. It is one thing to maintain a consistent and professional online presence, and another to establish important connections by associating and communicating with professionals especially those in your area of study. This point further reiterates the importance of social medias like LinkedIn because it is a network for professionals, it is arguably better than any other social media platform, in regards to professionalism. Hence, you must consistently use this medium to build and show off your portfolio, who knows, your dream job might just be staring right at you.

5 Top Tips for Students and New Grads Looking for Their Dream Jobs

  1. Get an internship quickly

This is another very important strategy to landing your dream job. This is because internship proves to would-be employers how committed and dedicated you can be if they ever decide to offer you a job. Thus you must drop the temptation of taking a long break after graduation and sign up for a professional internship with an organization in your area of interest. Although they might not hire you immediately, but having proven your dedication and commitment to the job, you stand a better chance of been retained.

  1. Find a good mentor, or be a good mentee

In life, we learn from other people’s experiences, hence getting a mentor specifically, a professional in your area of interest who you can easily have access to, is nothing short of a blessing, because he would tell you all you need to know to survive in the industry.

  1. Get certified in the industry you wish to work in

Getting certified in your area of specialization will definitely give you an edge over others in the labor market, this is because the courses you studied in your university might not be enough to land you your dream job, thus it is highly advisable to sign up for specialized courses that will improve your professionalism, this way, you are not overwhelmed by the demands of your dream job.

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