5 Glaring Symptoms of Lung cancer

5 Glaring Symptoms of Lung cancer

Lung cancer according to world health organization is one of the most common cancers in the world, killing approximately 1.5 million people yearly. Although there seem to be a decline in incidence rate among males, lung cancer is still very much a common disease among females as the incidence rate seems to be alarming.

Though lung cancer may seem lethal and highly dangerous, it is not a definite death sentence as early diagnosis and treatment guarantees 50 percent chance of survival. Hence, below are five warning signs and symptoms of lung cancer people should be aware of:

  1. No Symptoms in Early Stages

Lung cancer is totally different from all other forms of cancer, in that, those who suffer from this disease hardly display any sign or symptom especially in the early stage of this disease. It is estimated that those who suffer from this disease usually get diagnosed at an advanced stage of the disease, thus leading to the death of many sufferers. Consequently, it is advised that people should seek medical checkups and testing, particularly smokers as they are more prone to having this disease.

  1. Difficulty Breathing

Although there might be other issues that may lead to labored breathing, difficulty in breathing is one of the salient symptoms associated with lung cancer. Hence, if you discover that, you are finding it difficult to breathe even when it is glaring that you didn’t engage in any difficult task, I suggest you see a doctor and have your body examined as only early diagnosis can increase the chances of survival.

  1. Persistent Cough

Persistent painful cough that has defied all treatment is another warning symptoms of lung cancer people should be aware of. This is because such persistent cough is indicative of one lung disease or the other. While many people might attribute this type of coughs to flu, allergies and change in weather, I suggest people should seek medical diagnosis, especially when such a cough has persisted for more than 8 weeks.

5 Glaring Symptoms of Lung cancer

  1. Chest Pain

Chest pain is one of the most prominent symptoms of lung cancer among sufferers. Essentially people who suffer from lung cancer tend to feel this pain when they laugh, cough or lift anything. This form of pain does not go away even after treatment, because of tumors in the lungs pressing against other organs and tissues in the body. Hence if a person experiences this excruciating chest pain that just wouldn’t go away, it is highly recommended he/she consults with a doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Headaches

Not all headaches are attributable to lung cancer; nonetheless, a persistent headache that has defied all sorts of treatment is a strong indication of lung cancer. This type of headache is so severe that they have metastasized into the brain to a point where the large tumors in the lung create pressure on the superior vena cava that pumps blood to the heart, leading to a persistent headache among lung cancer patients.

Giving the severity of lung cancer and the threat it poses to lives, the signs and symptoms stated in this article will thus enable people to seek medical checkups and testing, hopefully, this would reduce the number of people that die from this deadly disease yearly. Remember, when it comes to any form of cancer, only early diagnosis and treatment can guarantee an individual’s survival.

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