5 Deadliest Eye Diseases People Never Take Seriously

5 Deadliest Eye Diseases People Should Take Seriously

The eye is the most delicate of all organs in the body; consequently, they should be treated with utmost care. In this day and time, there seem to be widespread cases of different dangerous eye infections, which if not properly treated may lead to damning consequences such as total blindness.

Although most eye diseases can be effectively treated if diagnosed early, nonetheless, there are still other eye diseases yet to have medical treatment.

Hence, Ophthalmologist advises that people seek medical attention even with the mildest of eye disease symptoms as early treatment might be the difference between chances of recovery and total blindness. Below are some common eye diseases that shouldn’t be taken lightly

  1. Glaucoma

    Glaucoma is perhaps one of the most dangerous eye diseases, little wonder why it is ranked the 6th most common eye disease in the world. It is reported that Glaucoma is the most common and frequent cause of partial or total blindness in people and occurs because the optic nerves have been seriously damaged. Hence, research has shown that glaucoma is caused by increasing pressure of fluid present in the eyes; if these fluids remain untreated they would eventually cause rupturing of the nerves.

  2. Light sensitivity

    Although light sensitivity is not such a common eye disease among people, yet still, it can lead to total blindness if it becomes very severe and unattended to. This light sensitivity is most times triggered by certain viruses or a migraine. Photo-phobia, as it is fondly called, is characterized by pain, headache, and severe discomfort because of over exposure to light.

  1. Blepharitis

    Blepharitis is a severe eye condition which leads to inflammation of the eyelids. Most common symptom of Blepharitis usually includes itching, redness of the eye, flaking of the skin and impaired vision. To this end, Doctors have singled out bacterial infection, dry eyes, eczema, and mites as the leading cause of Blepharitis in people. Although this disease can be cured by frequently cleaning the eyelids with warm water or application of eye drops prescribed by a professional ophthalmologist. It’s still our responsibility to ensure our eyes are healthy by visiting the ophthalmologist at least once in two years.5 Deadliest Eye Diseases People Should Take Seriously

  2. Cataracts

    Cataract is another very common eye infection diagnosed mostly among old people. Cataract is considered very dangerous and may occur in one or both eye. Just like glaucoma, the cataract can lead to partial or total blindness. Early symptoms of these diseases include blurred or clouded vision. Although there are surgical operations to correct this disease, it could be nipped in the bud by early medical examination and treatment. Hence, symptoms and blurred vision should be taken quite seriously.

  3. Eye allergy

    Quite a large number of people suffer from eye allergies which most times stem from a hereditary response to certain allergens. People who suffer from this condition usually react quite seriously to certain substances which may be benign in other people. When eye allergies set in, it may cause itching and reddening of the cornea, in some other people, symptoms may include teary eyes and running nose. Eye allergies are generally classified into two, seasonal and perennial; while the former occur in a particular season the latter usually occur all year round. Consequently, treatment can be carried out to identify and stop the intake of the substance responsible for such allergy.

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