5 Leading Dangers of Medication without Prescription

5 Leading Dangers of Medication without Prescription

Guess we have all had to pop some quick pills at one point in our life to deal with one ailment or the other. One thing we have failed to consider is the health risk of popping certain medications without doctor’s prescription.  Like it or not, a lot of people have been victims of using one or two drugs without doctor’s prescription.

Whether it is a quick pill for common sickness like colds, fever, cough headache; taking drugs without prescriptions can lead to the most damning consequences ever. Come to think of it, even the slightest medications approved by the FDA today has its side effect; hence you would be doing yourself a disfavor by agreeing to take any medications without prescriptions. For all its worth, below are few risk associated with medications without prescription:

Health problems

This is obviously one of the common problems that could arise from popping medication without prescriptions. I understand that there might be circumstances that warrants you take a quick aspirin. However, you must realize that the practice is seriously unsafe and could lead to untold dangers.

For instance, opioids which are commonly used by students could result in severe cases of mood changes, choking, decreased cognitive function, slowed breathing, infertility, and interruptions in menstrual circle. On a more serious case, some medications can lead to coma or death when there is a severe slowdown in breathing. Other forms of sedatives, antidepressant and tranquilizers can also cause seizures and severe cases of dementia.


There is no denying the fact that some of this medications are highly addictive and only prescribed by doctors who know how to manage the side effects of these drugs. Hence, by consuming certain medications without prescriptions, you are at risk of a lifelong addiction you may not be able to control.

When addiction sets in as a result of consuming medications without doctor’s prescription, it has an exponential effect, which means you will begin to crave for more of that drug in higher doses to get the same results which becomes highly dangerous. Before you start consuming any medication without doctor’s prescription, remember that addictions are not easily dealt with, discontinuing a drug you are addicted to may result in withdrawal symptoms like nausea, sweating, nervousness, shaking. Also, withdrawal from opioids can cause symptoms like vomiting, nervousness, bone pain and insomnia.

5 Leading Dangers of Medication without Prescription


A lot can go wrong when you begin to consume medications without prescription and accidents is just one of them. Certain medications can sedate an individual which may result in an accident while driving. Also, certain medications can impair thought, which can lead to poor judgments that can put a person at risk.

Poor academic performance

This is common among students whose reasons for consuming medications without prescriptions is because they want to be able to concentrate, boost their performance or ease tension. While their reasons may be genuine, most of these medications will have an opposite reaction especially when addiction sets in.

Has adverse effect on pregnant women

Medication without prescription can be very harmful to pregnant women as it could result in congenital anomalies or severe cases of birth defects. It could also lead to other complications like miscarriage or forced abortion.

P.S: Medication without prescription can be beneficial or harmful. However, the negatives far outweigh the positive; hence you must be very careful and avoid any form of self-medication.

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