5 Best Cervical Cancer Treatments

5 Best Cervical Cancer Treatments

One of the most overwhelming periods for most cervical patients is making the freighting decisions of going for treatments, and this is because such decisions are often time very critical and may determine the future of the patients.

Treatments for cervical cancer are very complex and may require the efforts of a dedicated medical team. Secondly, treatment for cervical cancer usually differs from person to person as factors like age, the patient’s resistance to some medication, or even stage of cervical cancer is duly investigated.

Hence, it is based on these investigations that the team of doctors treating your cervical cancer decides what treatment is best for you. Below are some of the treatments available to cervical cancer patients depending on the stage or spread of cancer:

  1. Surgery

Surgery is one of the first options available for patients with early cervical infection, as surgery, can be used to remove some or the entire infected womb. Although this decision is a painful one for most cervical patients, it is for their greater good. However, for an advanced stage of this type of cancer, surgery alone may not be enough. Consequently, further treatments such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy are necessary to burn off cancerous cells.

  1. Removing abnormal cells

Removing of abnormal cells is a treatment that is prescribed in the early days of cervical cancer screening. Although, results of testing may not directly point to cervical cancer, nevertheless, through screening, doctors may diagnose biological changes that may become cancerous in the future. Hence the following treatment may be prescribed

*cutting away of abnormal cells using wires and electric current

  • Removal of the abnormal cell through cone biopsy or surgery.

*Laser therapy could also be used to burn away abnormal cells.

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  1. Pelvic exenteration

Although this treatment is a very complicated one, Pelvic exenteration remains a viable treatment carried out when cervical cancer resurfaces in patients who had previously had a successful treatment. However, this treatment is only carried out if cervical cancer returns to the pelvis but hasn’t spread beyond this region. Because of how complicated this procedure is, it is only conducted by professionals who carefully remove cancer cells, bladder, rectum, lower sections of bowel and Virginal. Following pelvic exenteration, your vagina can be reconstructed using flesh from other parts of your body. However, sex is only advisable when patients have fully recovered.

  1. Radiotherapy

Another treatment available to cervical cancer patients is Radiotherapy; this treatment could be combined with surgery to deal with an early stage of cervical cancer. On the other hand, for a more advanced stage of cervical cancer infection, radiotherapy can be combined with chemotherapy, to control bleeding and pain.

Radiotherapy can be carried out in two ways either externally by putting the patient in a machine beam with high energy waves to destroy the cancerous cell, or internally by placing radioactive implant inside the virginal or cervix. Nonetheless, both internal and external radiotherapy can be used to treat this cancer.

  1. Chemotherapy

Chemo, as it is popularly called, is also a treatment available to cervical cancer patients. Although chemotherapy has its side effect, the benefit of the treatment sure outweighs its side effects. Just like radiotherapy, chemotherapy can be combined with other treatment to slow the progression of cervical cancer. Chemotherapy is often administered by using a single chemotherapy medication or a combination of different other chemotherapy medication like cisplatin to kill the cancerous cells.

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