40 Great Studios to Take Prenatal Yoga Classes in Colorado Springs

prenatal yoga classes in Colorado Springs

If you are an expecting mother in and around Colorado Springs, looking to find local yoga classes for beginners and seniors, chances are you did not know there were up to 40 great yoga studios that offer prenatal yoga classes in Colorado Springs.

Pregnancy comes along with many perks such as constipation, tiredness, sleeplessness, anxiety, weight gain and bloating. Visiting one of the prenatal yoga studios in Colorado Springs regularly provides the perfect environment to stay healthy and fight these nettlesome maternity symptoms.

Maternity yoga classes are really pleasant and solid approach to stay fit while you are expecting. Yoga expands body mindfulness and muscle strength all through your pregnancy. Prenatal yoga classes can assist you with dealing with changes in the body both physically and mentally, through each phase of pregnancy.

Pregnancy yoga Colorado Springs is also an awesome platform to meet other pregnant ladies in a positive, safe environment. Working out with other pregnant ladies can assist the inspiration with going through with exercising while expecting. Classes center on delicate and safe yoga activities, breathing and profound rest.

Regardless of whether or not you are new to yoga, taking prenatal yoga classes in Colorado Springs offers an ideal opportunity for mothers to connect with their babies. In the yoga studios in Colorado Springs, you are introduced to new methods of concentration, stretching, breathing techniques and relaxation that will help in gearing you up for the delivery room.

If you are buzzing to get started, you don’t need to go online searching for “prenatal yoga classes near me.” This article has got you covered; here are 40 great prenatal yoga classes in Colorado Springs.

Studios to Take Prenatal Yoga Classes in Colorado Springs

  1. Phoenix Yoga Lounge

Phone Number: (719) 648-5737

Website: manitouyoga.wordpress.com

  1. Amid Yoga

Phone Number: (719) 640-4347

  1. Earth Angels Inc.: Weddings, Wellness & Woo Woo

Phone Number: (719) 210-8578

  1. Awakenings Therapeutic Massage

Phone Number: (719) 426-7010

Website: awakeningtherapeuticbodywork.com

  1. Weddings by L

Phone Number: (719) 599-4592

  1. Earth Angels Inc. Yoga

Phone Number: (719) 210-8578

  1. Personal Training & Yoga by Kara

Phone Number: (719) 286-9177

Website: ptbykara.com

  1. Pure Barre

Phone Number: (719) 598-0270

Website: purebarre.com

  1. Jennyoga

Phone Number: (719) 528-4585

  1. Resilient Kids

Phone Number: (719) 266-0755

  1. Three Key Yoga

Phone Number: (719) 368-6346

Website: www.threekeyyoga.com

  1. Studio Kanta

Phone Number: (719) 271-2354

Website: studiokanta3.com

  1. Dynamic Yoga Therapeutics

Phone Number: (505) 331-8537

Website: beadoyle.com/testimonials

  1. Marmalade Yoga

Phone Number: (719) 344-5970

  1. Eighteenth Element Yoga

Phone Number: (719) 597-0048

Website: www.eighteenthelementyoga.com

  1. The Yoga Place

Phone Number: (719) 434-3775

  1. Divine Flow Studio

Phone Number: (719) 377-2267

Website: divineflowstudio.com

  1. Yoga Journeys

Phone Number: (719) 471-7424

Website: yoga-journeys.com 

  1. The Bija Studio

Phone Number: (719) 640-6134

Website: www.thebijastudio.com

  1. Vibrant Health Clinic

Phone Number: (719) 216-8367

Website: www.vibranthealthclinic.com

  1. ONE Yoga Studio

Phone Number: (303) 416-6601

Website: www.one-yoga.org

  1. Yoga Mountain shadows

Phone Number: (719) 799-6697

Website: www.yogamountainshadows.com

  1. Cambio Yoga Studio

Phone Number: (719) 229-1188

Website: www.cambioyoga.com

  1. CorePower Yoga

Phone Number: (719) 477-9642

Website: www.corepoweryoga.com

  1. Yoga Studio Satya

Phone Number: (719) 203-4525

Website: www.yogastudiosatya.com

  1. Hot On Yoga

Phone Number: (719) 440-4800

Website: hotonyoga.com

  1. Pranava Yoga Center

Phone Number: (719) 444-8463

Website: www.pranavayogacenter.com

  1. Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

Phone Number: (719) 271-0944

Website: denisewidner.com

  1. UpRise Yoga Studio

Phone Number: (719) 749-6429

Website: www.upriseyogastudio.com

  1. Enso Motherhood Revolution

Phone Number: (719) 660-5687

Website: www.ensomama.com

  1. Falcon Yoga

Phone Number: (719) 271-0944

Website: falcon.yoga

  1. Tracey Garcia Yoga

Phone Number: (719) 285-9642

Website: www.traceygarciayoga.com

  1. Omtastic Yoga

Phone Number: (719) 418-2375

Website: omtastic-yoga.com  

  1. Kenshin Martial Arts

Phone Number: (787) 565-5774

Website: kenshinmartialarts.com

  1. Springs Doula Circle

Phone Number: (719) 502-6409

Website: www.doulacircle.com

  1. SunWater Spa

Phone Number: (719) 695-7007

Website: www.sunwellness.net/sunwater

  1. Keith Roberts, LMT

Phone Number: (719) 632-5912

Website: www.keithrobertslmt.com

  1. The Mama’hood

Phone Number: (303) 643-5662

Website: www.themamahood.com

  1. Belly Bliss

Phone Number: (303) 399-1191

Website: www.bellybliss.org

  1. Mudra Yoga Studio

Phone Number: (720) 341-2233

Website: mudrayogastudio.com

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