Breaking A Girl’s Heart-4 Sure Ways

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Breaking a girl’s heart isn’t as simple as breaking her waist or as losing your bearing in a desert. Her waist could be flexible during sex and slender while worshiping the Lord but it would never be as flexible as her heart.

Her heart could be as flexible as though a hot knife was passing through butter or a spring flowing downtown. Her emotions are just very false and misguided, something hidden behind her sleek art of pretense. If you believe it is simple as you wish, think about how a girl already wanting to dump you will feel if you break up today – Sad? No!; Happy? Obviously. Or a girl you never meant a pin to; a girl only seeing you as an ATM card. Your separation would only bring a feeling of losing and never break her heart. Sometimes even, she might be happy, judging from how the money flowed that period. You’ve gotten my intended point, I believe unless of course you still have a very soft spot for her. Then, you can spend hours trying to counter my point – points you know are true. Don’t make your brain numb, she’s done that a countless times already. Stop it NOW!

But happily, breaking this heart isn’t difficult a bit like trying to be a gentleman while taking off her braziers. Note that. It isn’t difficult as doing calculus also. No, it isn’t.
break a girl's heart
It is easy but complex. Have you ever tried being hard for hours? It is very easy but really complex. That’s it, brothers.

If you’re still following, then you have the power of hurting her senseless like she’s done several times. Forget religion and its teachings for now. Forget forgiveness and moving forward. Also, forget the live and let live idea. If you want to break her heart, do it! You won’t be her first, she’s broken hearts too. Don’t be a mugu!

So, here I’ll be teaching you four very easy but sure ways of breaking her heart. Very sure ways of leaving her broken even if she’s with you for fun only.

1. Pick your phone with a decisive mind. Call her and tell her plainly. This won’t hurt her unless she loves you, believe me. It could go this way: “Hey, Past. It’s the end. It’s over between us. Surely, I’m a great decision taker and I’ve taken the best one. You were good but there’s a friend of yours better. Thanks for the good sex.”
Did the trick? If no, proceed.

2. Make her catch you cheating. There’s no need getting close to anyone. Let her see a chat you had with a person. In that chat, make sure you abuse her well. Castigate her to this person. Say she’s clumsy, dirty and stupid. Say you’re only waiting to have another sex with her before discarding her. If she confronts you, tell her she’s lucky to find out so early. Yeah, be bad completely.

3. Bring another lady in behind her absence. If you live together, make sure her luggage are outside before she returns. If you aren’t together, call her, talk to her and introduce the new girl to her. Make sure you’re very blunt.

Okay now, this is a bit extreme.

4. Take her out. Just when she’s glad, call up a girl you must have had arrangements with. Outside there, tell her to go to hell. Then, walk away with this new girl, she’ll cry her heart out. Make sure you’re very dramatic. Fuck what people say.

So, deeply, I’m sorry we’re ending here. Lots of ways to break a girl’s heart but here are just the finest four. Brotherly, wise up. Take sodium chloride and shine your eyes. Let’s hear what you think.

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