4 cute ways to flirt without saying a word

4 cute ways to flirt without saying a word-nitalks

It is no longer a secret that you can flirt and seduce a woman long before even saying hello to her. Many might wonder how, It’s all about understanding body languages

and tweaking them to your advantage, those who have mastered the art of flirting have this as one of their biggest secrets. Here is how you go about flirting without saying a word.

Rubbing Your Chin/Jaw

Always endeavor to rub your jaw or scratch your chin every now and then, the purpose is to draw her attention to your masculine features, trust me you really don’t need to have a chiseled jaw. By getting her to look at you this way, chances are that she would find you more attractive.


Subtly mimicking how she walks, smiles, or holds her drink can definitely get her attention. Research has shown that you appear more appealing when you mirror people’s behavior. However, you need to be careful not to go overboard as it might put her off.

Eye Tag

This is often called the attention grabber. Men always glance around and when they do, there is the likelihood of making eye contact with women; thus women respond a lot better to men whom they had exchanged glances with earlier on. Just like mimicking, you should never go overboard with the eye tag flirt; it could send the very wrong signal.4 cute ways to flirt without saying a word-nitalks

Watch Her Signals

Watching her signal really means a lot, if you have played your cards well, she would definitely give you that OK sign that she is interested, or she may just flirt back.

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