4 Behaviors Ladies Put Up To A Man They Don’t Like

4 Behaviors Ladies Put Up To A Man They Don't Like

It’s common knowledge that ladies have their preferences and class of men they get easily attracted to. A man who falls short of their so-called expectations is looked down upon and seen as a pest! Want to know if that girl doesn’t like you?

Watch out for these signals!

Cold Shoulder Treatment

This behavior is peculiar to almost all Naija ladies. If a guy is not handsome or rich enough, they just snub and insult him for crossing the line. Let them see a guy with six pack and cool cash they’ll start professing love at first sight o!

She Gives Out a Wrong Number

Have you been played like this before? Frustrating right?!You get home all excited and dial her line only to discover the number doesn’t exist! She’s probably having a good laugh with friends at your expense. Chill! This girl doesn’t like you.

She Ignores Your Calls and Texts

A typical Nigerian girl will never pick your call or reply your text messages if she doesn’t like you. And when she finally decided to receive your call, it will be to rain insults on you and she’ll calmly add your number to her blacklist afterwards.4 Behaviors Ladies Put Up To A Man They Don't Like


She Requests For Money Always

When a girl demands money every time she’s with you, without batting an eyelid. She’s probably not tripping for you but dating you for your money. In her mind, you are her “maga.” Some girls ain’t loyal o.

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