3 Ways to Get A Girlfriend

How to Get A Girlfriend

Being single can sometimes get frustrating for a lot of guys out there, what a lot of guys really do not understand is that the dating game is really a game of survival of the fittest; but is it easy to get a girlfriend?

In other to land that dream girl of yours, you need to involve both skills and strategy to up your game.

Be Ambitious

  1. You need to be ambitious in life, real ladies find men who are passionate about things and who ruthlessly pursue those things as amiable and sexy, thus if you are lazy, always working a dead-end job with no real intention of going higher in life, it is quite certain you will be single for a long time bro.get a girlfriend

Plan The Date

  1. The reason most guys are single today is that they never plan a perfect date, a good date is a road map to a relationship, if your dates revolve around alcohol, lame jokes and sex then you have been sending the very wrong signals, and no good woman would want to settle for such a loser. It takes a lot to get a girlfriend; you need to show her you are ready to put forth effort and commitment to ensure the relationship works.

Be A Gentle Man

  1. Most men have difficulty landing a girlfriend because they are not good listeners, you need to make her feel special, focus more on her feelings than yours, don’t try to impress, remember the rule, “cool and steady wins the game”; women feel more connected to a man that is ready to listen to all she has to say even when she is not making any sense.



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