3 Signs That Show He Doesn’t Love You

Some ladies are not always sure how deeply their man loves them; they are often scared of him being with another lady, specially when he doesn’t put a call through when he should.

Others are concerned that he never introduces them to his friends or families, so the feeling of insecurity could easily take its place in our hearts.

  1. If you are battling with this thought sister, it’s sad, but I just need to tell you the blunt truth; he is not so in love with you, seek for love elsewhere. When he doesn’t tell his friends about you, and his family just see you as a passerby, it’s just too obvious that he doesn’t have future plans for you, and even if he does, he is too coward to face it head-on.
  2. Many couples engage in fights, squabbles and fisticuffs every now and then, it is totally normal, but when you discover that your man never wants to make up after a fight, he often ignores your call and text messages to the point that he only replies when he is in the mood to get down with you, then you should know he doesn’t love you enough.3 Signs That Show He Doesn’t Love You
  3. When a man never wants to say sorry or own up to his mess, and you have to be the one to let your pride and ego aside to say sorry in other to salvage your relationship, my dear, you might have found yourself in a relationship where your boyfriend doesn’t love you as much as you think, such boyfriends, in a bid to convince you will say words like “that’s just the way am wired” and “it’s not a big deal”, making you feel guilty rather than being sorry for their screw-ups. If this happens to you, then you should know he doesn’t love you as much as he claims.

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