3 Rules of Easy Breakups

3 Rules of Easy Breakups

Nobody ever wants breakups, but then you have to expect it so you can stay strong even after breaking up.

Like every game, there is a rule of engagement. To have a breakup that will not be too hard on your soon-to-be ex, apply the rules below:

Rule 1

When you decide to call off a relationship, don’t use the phrase “I’m sorry” or “I never meant it” repeatedly. These phrases are lame and completely empty, tell them the reason you are leaving them; don’t just run off like a coward without saying a word. It’s always very lame to break up over a text, email or social media. Give them answers as to reasons you are breaking up with them.

Rule 2

Never postpone doomsday, break up when you really want to. Never pretend you want to spare her emotions or your pride. Trust me, women know when trouble is brewing and have already prepared themselves for the inevitable.

Rule 3

I hate it when guys try to contact ladies they just broke up with, that will get you and her nowhere; you are just going to increase her pains and frustrations. Keep your distance, dude, as this will help her forget you quickly.

3 Rules of Easy Breakups

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