3 Fashion Tips for Short Men

fashion tips for short men

Short men all have one general concern, or challenge; they always find it difficult to make an impression with their looks, I have written a well-detailed article that will help you get the best of your appearance.

Certainly, these tips will not make you taller, but they can help you maximize your current height, stay more confident and look more stylish. So, let’s take a look at some dressing tips for short men.

Consider Color

  1. The next time you are buying shirts, you should consider its color. Researchers have proven that vertically oriented patterns can’t make one look taller. The horizontal patterns in the dress make one look taller because they make others’ eyes follow the pattern. You should choose clothes with unbroken horizontal strips for maximum effect.

Wear Clothes that Slim Fit

  1. It is best for a short person to wear slim fitting clothes. If a short person wears too loose clothes, it makes him look smaller in other people’s eyes. So, for a short person of about 5 feet, it is better to go for small or medium sized clothes. I will personally encourage friends with a not-too-tall frame to go for custom made dresses, which will make it fit you perfectly. Your dresses should fit on your shoulder and chest.

fashion tips for short men

Never wear longer clothes

  1. Another important factor that may make you look an extra inch taller is to wear clothes which are not too long. A rule of thumb is that your shirt’s or jacket’s length should be just above the beginning of the pocket opening of the pant. It will be the ideal length for any short person.

So, I hope you will be able to maximize your height following the above fashion tips for short men. I am short too, or not too short, though (165), but I have personally benefited from these tips.

By Nazmul Hasan

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