3 Clothing Faults That Make Your Look Bad

clothing faults

You may wear the most beautiful and costliest dress in an occasion, but nobody will look at your outfit if it’s not fitting on your body; in fact, your outfits will go unnoticed because of these clothing faults.

If you avoid these simple pitfalls, you can be the most handsome looking guy in the room even if your clothes do not look that expensive. Why not come along as we take a brief look at these faults and possible ways to fix them.

Blousy Shirt

Many people buy big shirts thinking that it will make them look bigger. If you are thinking alike, you are putting your look at risk. Oversized shirts make small size people look smaller and the tall guys look like they are wearing ponchos. One way to get rid of blousy shirts is to match the seam position with the shoulder. If the seam position is far below the shoulder, the shirt will be too loose and big for you, and you obviously shouldnt wear it out.

Saggy Pants

The 21st century is not for people wearing saggy pants. It was well-known in fashion during the 90s. But this era belongs to slim fitted and narrow pants. So, it is time to throw out any saggy pant from the wardrobe. Instead, bring a pair of narrow fitted pant to make you look stylish. If you have long legs, you should wear low-rise pants and hold it to your waist with a quality belt. Have you seen how disgusting it is when people sag lately? You haven’t changed; sagging has just gone out of style.

Saggy Pants

Crumpled Pant Legs

Some men wear very long pants with the end of the pant remaining crumpled on the shoes. These  clothing faults are too bad, and they are enough to ruin your style. So, if you are wearing informal pants like jeans, consider folding them. If you are wearing formal pants, you should fix the length of the pant; the ideal length of your pant should be just above the shoe.

So, avoid these outfit mistakes and make yourself more stylish and fashionable.

By Nazmul Hasan

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