2 Text Messages You Should Never Send Her

2 Text You Should Never Send Her

Ever wondered why she never replies some of your text messages? It is because you are sending the very wrong messages over and over again.

These text messages have become a cliché, they bore the hell out of her. When it boils down to sending text messages, many guys are guilty of sending horrifying messages. Below is a list of text messages you should never send to your girlfriend.

  1. “Looking Forward To More Nights with You in Like That.”

This is lame dude! I get the fact that you had a wonderful date with her, but thinking about a future this early might scare the shit out of her. Take it slow Mr. Lover boy; remember, slow and steady wins the race. Focus on planning your next date instead of focusing on sending some lame no-good text messages.2 Texts You Should Never Send Her

  1. “Want to meet my parents this weekend?”

For real? This would only amount to shooting yourself in the leg, taking a woman you just met to see your parents can end in the most awkward and bizarre scenario ever. Women pull away when they have to meet their boyfriend’s parents, especially when they are in the budding stage of their relationship. If you want to keep your girl, desist from sending such text message. If you must send one, kindly let her know your parents are in town and you will not be able to hang out with her. If she shows interest in meeting them, then you invite her over. Never box her into coming.

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