In 10 Years, Alzheimer’s disease Will Be as Controllable as HIV

Have you ever asked what this disease is? What do you know about Alzheimer’s disease or Alzheimer’s? This is a disease that causes brain disorder by gradually destroying a person’s memory and the ability to learn, reason, make judgments, communicate, and carry out daily activities.

According to Professor Michel Goedert (one of the professors involved in discovering the importance of protein plaques in the onset of Alzheimer’s) future dementia treatments will be taken before the condition develops to have these symptoms prevented rather make an effort to reverse these conditions. Professor Goedert from the University of Cambridge said: “Alzheimer’s will become something like HIV. It’s still there, but it has been pared by drug treatments. It will disappear soon as a major problem from the society.” It has been reported that this disease affected around 5.5 million in the US, and 850,000 in the UK.

But, now the big question is, is there a pill for Alzheimer’s disease? Yes, there is! According to new research suggested in November 2017, a drug known as LMTX when taken twice a day, makes an improvement on the health of the sufferers of this disease. Thus, improving brain injuries to the extent that their MRI look like those of healthy people after a period of nine good months.

Also, according to Professor  Gordon Wilcock- a professor in the University of Oxford said: I haven’t seen such brain injury recovery before after taking drug treatment”. The drug treatment (LMTX) for this disease, under investigation, is claimed to tremendously improve the abilities of the suffers of this disease so much so that they could carry out daily activities such as bathing and dressing themselves. Not only that, as a matter of serious concern the drug has also been proven to boost their dynamic capabilities to name objects without been erroneous and also remember the date these objects were correctly named.

LMTX DRUG (drug treatment for Alzheimer’s)

Another big question is this: why is this very powerful a drug to prevent Alzheimer’s? The sole reason is not far-fetched as far as Science and Nature are absolutely concerned. The drug contains, according to the manufacturers TAURX PHARMACEUTICALS, a chemical that dissolves proteins ‘tangles’ found in the brain that join together to form ‘plaques’ in the region associated with memory. LMTX does act by bringing the reduction of levels of aggregated tau proteins, which are associated with the progressive neurodegeneration- the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease.


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