10 Things You Must Never Do On A Date

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Have you ever gone on a date and it turned out so bad you just have to wonder ”what went wrong”. Or it got so awkward you had to make up some lame excuses just to get out? Ever found yourself in a situation where it’s been a week or two since your date and you are still waiting for that call to schedule the ever elusive second date?. This is a list of ten things you should never do if you are holding out hope of scoring another date!


  1. Bring up your ex

This is quite literally a conversation killer, the second you mention the ex,you have signed the death certificate of that date, even if all you just did was complain about what he/she did or did not do *cue awkward silence*.Because really what do you want your date to say in response to that?!

  1. Monopolize the conversation

It’s a date people, not a biography! Droning on and on about yourself without attempting to engage your significant other really isn’t attractive and quite frankly makes you sound conceited, you might even share TMI. While you are at it, you might as well pull out a mirror and have a conversation with your reflection!Even if you are nervous, don’t babble!

  1. Glue yourself to your phone

If you wanted to stare at your phone all day, you should have stayed at home. Interrupting your date to answer every call, text or ching of your phone gives your date the impression that you are bored or not interested and can’t wait for it to end. On a side note, it’s really rude, not to mention immature.

  1. Eat Obnoxiously

Table manners! If you were not taught, teachyourself! It doesn’t necessarily involve using the correct knife or spoon, or placing a napkin on your lap before you eat. I’m talking about eating like a ruminating animal!It’s really unattractive, and that’s putting it mildly when half the food in your mouth ends up back on your plate. You also really don’t have to show your teeth as you eat, it’s a date, not a toothpaste commercial!

  1. Starve yourself

After mentioning the “eating obnoxiously”, I couldn’t exclude this.Don’t try to impress anyone by starving yourself .Eating like a bird doesn’t make you more attractive and you end up getting distracted thinking about food throughout the date, especially when you are not used to it.You do not want your date to morph into a trip to the ER because you got a fainting spell. And think, if the date turns out to be a total fail, at least you got a meal out of it!

  1. Be late

Being fashionably late does NOT apply to first meetings. How would you feel ifyour date decided to do the same thing to you? If you are aware it will take you two hours to get ready, start three hours before. It shows you actually care since you put in the effort to be punctual. If you can’t bother yourself with being punctual, don’t bother scheduling the date at all!things not to do on a date

  1. Talk about marriage

You really don’t want to ring the marriage bells just yet, even if you are dating with the end goal of being married. Mentioning marriage, especially on the first date can scare the gal/guy away because you will end up setting off the wrong set of bells, specifically the “run as fast as your feet can carry you” ones!

  1. Get drunk

This is a big NO NO! Especially on a first meeting, getting drunk on a first date could give your date the idea that it’s somethingyou do often, imbibing in the “sprits” because you are nervous is really not a good idea. It makes it seem like you are not in control of your life and no one wants to date a walking disaster with some extra baggage. Not to mention you are putting yourself at the mercy of a virtual stranger.

  1. Try to impress

Be yourself, you are less likely to flop that way. Trying to impress your date by taking him/her to an expensive restaurant where you or your date most likely cannot pronounce half the things on the menu is not a good idea. You could end up with a plate full of bad decisions topped with some “extra virgin” squid balls!

  1. Don’t assume

I am talking about footing the bills here. Do not assume the guy will foot the bill and don’t assume the girl will offer to split the bill either. If you offer to foot the bill and he/she insists on splitting it, don’t argue and just go with the flow. It’s called compromise!



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