10 reasons why your Android battery is charging slowly and how to fix them

I totally agree, using a snail-paced charging smartphone is indeed a worrisome problem, I mean, a pain in the ass. Most smartphone users experiencing this problem have opted to rather save for or purchase a new smartphone. Some even smash them as soon as they get a new one. But, you! You strongly believe that there must be a reason behind your phone’s poor charging capacity. Why would you be here anyway? You are totally right. There are not just reasons; there are reasons enough to believe that your Android battery slow charging is fixable.

In any case, though, it is either your smartphone gradually developed this problem, or it has always had this slow-charging issue. Whatever be the case, to be able to fix this problem, we need to first, fish out its root cause. Wrapping our minds around that will help us determine how the problem can be fixed or even if it can be fixed by us or better by a professional.  

Thus, before you give up on your smart Android device because of the stress and discomfort of scrambling from one charge session to another, let’s place your smartphone under a diagnostic microscope and get to the root of its slow-charging issue. However, as expected, in the article, I will cover a total of ten ailments that might be behind your phone’s slow-paced charging as well as how to fix them as much as possible.

I’m excited to help you out with this. But so you can benefit more from this, let’s start with the most common ones, then to the unusual ones.

1.    You have a bad cable

A bad USB cable constitutes 90% of slow-charging problems. USB cables are practically used everyday. During this course, the USB cables are plugged in and out of devices, stepped on, and kept and handled in various ways. Consequently, on a daily basis, USB cables undergo a whole lot of wear and tear. That is why USB cables are less durable and cheaper than your device ports. They are designed to be smaller in size than the device ports and to take the brunt wear-and-tear.

So if you are still using the same charger setup that came with your device for years, then, there are good chances that it is the reason your smartphone charges slowly all of a sudden. USB cables can do a lot of damage to your device if not in good shape. A damaged USB cable or one with a bent connector can go as far as damaging your handset. To fix the slow-charging problem of your smartphone as well as some other USB cable-related problems, grab a new USB cable.

2.    You have a weak power source

The majority of device owners have this concept that “charging is charging”. With this view, they charge their devices using just any power source like laptops, and devices with wireless charging feature. Let’s take it one at a time. Your PC! Even with USB 3.0, your PC will let out just 9A energy output, that’s under ideal circumstances, which is up from 5mA for USB 2.0. With your PC as a power source, however, your phone will charge very slowly. Though it is trending and super cool, wireless charging, unfortunately, isn’t the best power source to charge your phone.

The best deal for a power source so far is a wall outlet. Thus, instead of charging your smartphone with your PC or a wireless charging device, plug your device in to a wall charger to charge. It’s the fastest and a safer way to get your battery full. If this is exactly what you have been doing but your phone still charges sluggishly, you might want to look into your home wiring, particularly if it’s an old building.

3. You have a bad adapter

It might but should not be surprising to see this in the list. Adapters – that blocky stuff you plug into the wall to connect your charger conveniently – are important devices designed to take on the brunt of any trauma in place of your phone. Perhaps, due to a power surge or a kick, your adapter developed a fault or two that altered the charging pace of your device. To get back to the usual fast full charge, get a new adapter.

4. Your phone may be old

It might not be the adapter, the power source, or the USB cable; it might just be your phone itself. Have you noticed that your phone, perhaps the premium of its time, does charge slowly compared to those of your peers who use newer phones? If yes, then, it might be hard to believe but, you might have to actually need to get a new phone to fix the problem of slow charging. The smartphones that come around nowadays have processors that support more rapid charging. Some even have turbocharging capabilities. That might just be the issue – upgrading your device.

5. You have a bad battery

Yeah, the batteries themselves might just be the problem. The case might be that your phone’s model came with a bad battery, look it up on the internet and see if you can acquire a replacement from your provider. It is also normal that your battery might be well-worn as our phone ages generally.

Smartphones (mostly modern) with inbuilt batteries or non-removable batteries, after the long run, start having their cells dying gradually. If your phone is of this nature and you are presently contending with the slow-charging issue, you need to either crack open the handset or send your device to a shop or the OEM to replace the battery.

6.  The enemy is you

Are you sure you aren’t using the battery power of your smartphone faster than your phone itself can accumulate? Or maybe you can’t just let your device rest even while charging because you just need to be on Facebook every single minute or perhaps, you can’t let that Candy crush Saga be until you have reached the very last level. Ok! These things are what make our smartphones worth having, but making it a habit to overdo them – playing with your phone even when charging – will do your phone’s battery no good.

The greatest contributing factor to the drain of any smartphone’s battery is the screen. Most smartphone users don’t know that to keep that gorgeous display lit up with high-resolutions consumes the phone’s battery even while charging. In all, maybe you just need to let that cool smartphone of yours rest especially while it is charging to solve your slow-charging issues.

7. Background apps are sapping your battery

Currently though, this not much of a problem as Android improves at efficient resource management, but usually, some apps on Android run in the background after only being opened just once. These sneaky apps, like excess screen time on your phone, can cause your phone’s battery to drain quickly as well as make it charge slower than they used to. Therefore, to make sure that it is not some background apps that are responsible for your phone’s slower charge, get a good task manager to manage your apps properly and fish out those sneaky apps. As soon as you locate them, see if your phone’s battery charges fine at least a few days after you’ve uninstalled them.

8. Your USB port is obstructed

It should not be a surprise that your phone’s USB ports could be obstructed since you place them on the couch, carry them around everyday in your pocket, bags, or purses, etc. Yeah, same old, same old, your USB be ends up getting filled with a little bit of that lint, dust, and particle lingering around. These unbelonging particles can cause a bad connection between your phone’s USB port and the charger, thereby, fostering a slow charge.

Yes, it’s time to look into your phone’s USB port with a magnifying glass. Try to see if your phone’s USB port has been obstructed by such particles. If there are, try to carefully remove them using a thin, pointed object (preferably a plastic toothpick), particularly in a way that other component of the USB port does not get damaged. If they do, you’ll land yourself a bigger problem. If you can’t find a plastic toothpick or are scared of using it; go for a dry, brand new toothbrush. Use it to scrub your port to free it of any blockages; it’s safer and more effective.

9. Your USB port is damaged

Here comes our nightmare! Nobody wishes for this, but if none of the above worked, then, at this point, you might not be able to fix the problem alone; you might really need to seek the help of a professional for repair. There are good chances that a pin inside your phone’s USB port is deformed – broken or bent. Simply put, your USB port might be damaged. And, like I said, a professional can take it from there. However, if your cellular provider got you insurance, good for you, your phone can get a repair for a penny.

10. Your USB port is corroded

We all know that metals corrode or rust, but I guess a corrode USB port wasn’t the first thing that came to your mind that might be the cause of your phone’s slow-charging problem.  Yeah, this is another tough one! Resulting from sweat or humidity, your phone’s USB port might be corroded. This can cause many problems in your device if not gotten rid of like the slow-charging issue by creating a film over the connective hardware that prevents the charge.

How to fix this problem might sound simple, but, trust me, if you’re not a professional, you’d better not attempt. However, if you feel you can, are not scared of taking your phone’s life into your hands, and are not bad with resembling and reassembling mobile devices; I will not stop you. Like every many other corrosion issues, you can fix it using white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Below is a step-by-step guide, but be warned; this process requires a lot of caution and care.

·         Disassemble your device to expose the area of corrosion

·         Dab a cotton swab into a distilled white vinegar

·         Rub down all the corrosion you see with a light touch – vinegar should not get to the uncorroded areas

·         After every five to eight minutes, use the tip of a paper towel to remove the vinegar until there is no sign of corrosion

·         Dab the area with rubbing alcohol on the tip of a cotton swab and let the device air-dry for half an hour

·         Resemble your phone.

Honestly, I just hope that your slow-charging issues didn’t have to be that serious that you have to disassemble and reassemble your phone. But, what to do? It is what it is!

Whatever be the case, I believe I have covered just about everything you need to know about your Android device’s slow charging issue and how to fix them. You think I missed something? Got a better solution? Or you just can’t find the root cause of your smartphone’s snail-paced charging problem here? Share your ideas, solutions, and experience with us in your comments. We’d be glad to know.

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