10 Fashion Accessories A Woman Must Have


Every girl has something she cannot do without, whether an accessory or make up item, to achieve the ultimate signature look, there are somethings you use above all others. Fashion accessories are things that spice up your look instantly, transforming it from drab to chic, lazy to retro or just plain fashionable. This list? Is a ten item compilation of what every girl should have.


  1. Sunglasses
    A pair of sunglasses spice up your look instantly, whether you are pairing it with a dress or the normal jeans and top, it adds that “cool” effect. It also protects your face from getting too much sun, plus the added bonus of being able to ogle people without them knowing!
  2. Ankle chain
    This is a peek-a-boo accessory, sort of the hidden, mysterious facet of you, people think they have you pegged until they see this little thing peeking out from underneath your skirt. Sort of a tattoo, but less permanent.


  1. Ponytail band

Every girl should have this handy, a ponytail holder can solve a lot of fashion mishaps; popped buttons, torn sandals, and it could even add the “hippie” effect to your look if you pile them up on your hands!


  1. Sling purse
    Despite the fact that a girls purse feels like an extension of her(or is it a phone), a lot of us unwittingly get it lost, either at a party, concert or even a toilet, a sling purse will prevent that from happening and also adds an edge or some chic to ur look, depending on how you pair it up with your outfit.
  2. Fedora
    Bad hair day? Just plop on a fedora. You could also get creative and create bangs or braid your hair and pin it underneath the hat letting the braids show at the front and/or sides. You could pair this with almost anything, a short dress, gown, jeans, even a bikini! Problem solved!
  3. Kimono
    We all have that day/time of the month (no pun intended!)Where we just feel lazy and do not feel like making any effort or we ate a little too much and that pudgy extra middle roll is poking out a bit. A kimono will make your style effortlessly sexy while also at the same time hiding the bulging stomach, plusI hear it’s all the rage this season!Fashion
  4. Ear cuffs
    These little metal pieces of goodness are very popular in funky chic jewelry.They call attention to the arch of your neck especially when u have your hair up in a ponytail, bun or just plain swept to the side. Plus you can wear them whether your ears are pierced or not. Effortlessly elegant!
  5. Baby wipes
    Okay this isn’t really an accessory but it can sure come in handy in messy situations. You go out looking perfect, all of a sudden something absolutely unprecedented happens, which is where baby wipes come in handy. Spilled a little bit o’ wine? Babywipes! Runnymakeup? Babywipes. Smudged a little bit of make up on your clothes? Yeayou guessed it, Baby wipes!!!Plus everyone knows babies smell really good!
  6. Highlighter/bronzer
    Looking washed out? A little bit of highlighter on the highest points on your face and bronzer on or underneath your cheek bones will give you that sun kissed glow!
  7. Nude Lipstick
    These fashion accesories are apparently all the rage on Instagram this season and I declare them the ultimate accessory because you can’t really go wrong with these, they are after all nude! Andthink, you could rock the no makeup makeup look!


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