When Can I Start Having Sex

when-can i-start-having sex

There are so many beautiful things about life we often cherish, from our cultures to the beauty of nature, families and even friends around us; however, we were never thought to appreciate having sex. This beautiful act has always been treated sacred in many cultures around the world. The reason however is not farfetched; religion and culture have been a contributing factor to this.

Every teen today is growing up quite quickly and they are very eager to try sex, the question that thus begs for attention is; what age is right to start having sex?

It’s just so funny that everyone knows about sex, so if you don’t tell your teenager, I may be the one to tell her for you, trust me; the street and their peers are even there for them, not forgetting social media, internet and entertainment.


Teens need to know that having sex does not make you grown or prove your love for your girlfriend. In several countries, teens are allowed to make certain decisions about their life when they reach age 18, but it’s sometimes possible that they make mistakes even before hitting 18, and some may not have the confidence to make these decisions due to fears of failures.

But still, I hold the view that it’s best to make decisions about this only after you are past 18. This is because, at 18, a person can be responsible for certain decisions in his/her life, so also is their sex life. Below that age for me is a NO-NO.

What they need to be thought is how to be careful, how to use protection to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancy; still sex could be quite complicated for some teens, so if you feel you are not just ready, and can take that less travelled road and wait till you settle down, then I applaud your courage, it’s actually the best you could make.

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