London Night Life Attractions I Couldn’t Get Enough Of

London Night Life Attractions I Couldn’t Get Enough Of

Ok, as many of you would have known by now, I had spent the last 3 months out there in London, and just like everyone who takes up an adventure to go to a foreign place, I went there with my hopes high, and I had plans on what to do.

First and foremost, I planned to make many new friends, get many new contacts, see new faces and actually get to interact with them. And yes, I did get a chance to do all that. In fact, I met lots of cool peeps, intelligent ones who always have something cool to offer you anytime and any day.

So I can say I succeeded on my first mission. My second mission in London was to visit places, enjoy football there and actually get a chance to see what the nightlife looked like; and by the second week, I felt I started to enjoy all that, though the first week was quite crazy, I just couldn’t go out because I had flu.

Ok, second mission accomplished. This third mission was actually the first I had, LOL. I just didn’t want you guys to think of me as that crazy dude who wouldn’t keep his little man in check. As you must have started guessing, it was actually to get the most of the London nightlife, and the next paragraphs will be dedicated to just that.

I decided to plan ahead even before I landed in London as I wouldn’t want stories-that-touch. I ensured that I got in contact with a pretty girl who would be with me for the period I was to stay in London, or at least until I met some pretty cute girls, and she happened to have been with me throughout my stay in London. Of course, that isn’t inclusive of times when I got laid out, that was my little secret, LOL.

London Night Life Attractions I Couldn’t Get Enough Of

I got to meet the pretty girl on, and since I was going to be based in Birmingham, I felt it was best to look for escorts in Birmingham as that will make meeting pretty easy, and that’s why I can say we were together from the first day I landed over there.

So, that’s the beauty of London, the nightlife is superb, the escort girl didn’t fail to give me sensual treatments at times I needed it most, and I just enjoyed the night walks we had—every bit of it.

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