4 Best and Crazy Places to Have Sex

4 Best and Crazy Places to Have Sex

We are humans, and that means we all have this inner craving to seek adventure, romance, ecstasy, and wild fantasy—this article will be showing you four crazy places to have sex.

Sex often brings people closer to their partners, something totally off the hook. People often have this desire and dream to get laid in the craziest of places, having sex in a new location gives a more thrilling and satisfying experience that you would never have imagined.

  1. Do you know that sex on the couch can be mind blowing? Many couples who have had sex on the couch have ended up having an explosive orgasm; this is because the couch tends to stack up your back, raising your waist to the angle that guarantees you reach that crippling orgasm you have always dreamt of.
  2. Another crazy place you should try to have sex is in the shower. Forget how enticing having sex in a lake or pool sounds, these places make you more open to infections like UTIs and STDs, the shower is the safest of places to satisfy that inner wild adventures of yours, get creative in the hub and have the fun of your life.4 Best and Crazy Places to Have Sex
  3. Having sex in a party, library or a hotel restroom could be quite interesting you know, there is something about these places that make you feel super-hot. One reason public places are pretty cool to have sex is actually because it comes with the fear of getting caught, but you will all agree that stolen kisses can actually be the best bet. Steal that 15-minute show, and you will be glad you ever did. My candid advice, avoid getting caught!
  4. I know sex in front of the mirror could sound weird, however as I always say, the weirder the better, there is this connection you tend to see in the mirror between you and your partner.

I want to know. Which have you really tried? How did it end?

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